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Who am I?

Favorite fry facts!

Today’s National French Fry Day (who decides on these things?) so Brogan and Joe discussed two main topics…first, what type of fry is your favorite?

  • standard (think McDonald’s)
  • shoestring
  • waffle
  • crinkle cut
  • chip style (UK)
  • curly
  • steak or wedge
  • tater tots (is a tater tot a French fry?)
  • sweet potato

Then, what is your #1 fry topping/dipping sauce?

  • ketchup (or catsup)
  • mayo
  • ranch
  • salt/vinegar
  • BBQ sauce
  • hot sauce/siracha
  • milk shake/Frosty
  • “special sauce” (for burgers)
  • cheese sauce
  • sour cream and chives
  • white frosting (sweet potato)
  • cinnamon sugar (sweet potato)

Congratulations to Jennifer from Mount Vernon winning two tickets to see Oliver on Friday, guessing Charles Dickens birthday, 1812!

Today’s Who Am I…

  • I was born July 13, 1940 in Yorkshire, England
  • I left school to study theatre when I was 15
  • I joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1966 and remained with them until 1982
  • I made my television debut in 1967 but became a household name 20 years later, when I agreed to play Captain Jean Luc Picard
  • My film credits include Excalibur, the original Dune, X-Men, Star Trek Generations and a voice actor in The Prince of Egypt
  • I was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2010 for services to drama
  • I recently returned to the role of Picard for a new series on Paramount Plus

Congratulations to Monica calling in and guessing today’s Who Am I, Patrick Stewart!

Thanks for listening!

-Joe and Brogan

Who Knew…travel would be like this?

Here are some ‘who knews’ on July 4th travel this year:

AAA is reporting that more than 47.9 million Americans, including a record 2.2 million Ohioans, will travel this Independence Day holiday weekend (June 30 – July 4). This is an increase of 3.7% nationally, and 3.8% for Ohio. While national travel numbers are expected to fall just shy of 2019, AAA expects Ohio travel will build on the record travel numbers set in 2021 to reach a new high this Independence Day.

Despite historically high gas prices, a record number of people are planning a holiday road trip, with 42 million Americans (nearly 2.1 million Ohioans) hitting the road this Independence Day travel period.

AAA predicts Independence Day holiday air travel will grow by 1.5% nationally with 3.55 million Americans flying during the holiday travel period. Ohio air travel numbers will fall 1.2% compared to last Independence Day, with just over 70,000 Ohioans flying during the five-day holiday period. Higher flight costs, recent issues with air travel and ongoing concerns of cancelations and delays may be pushing more people to drive this year.

A few other tidbits:

Woman finds stash of cash in garage sale couch –

6th grader gets yearbook turnaround –

– I was born June 22, 1906 in Englewood, New Jersey
– My father was a New Jersey senator and US Ambassador to Mexico
– I met my husband in Mexico in 1927 and we were married two years later
– My husband’s passion was aviation and I became the first woman to earn a glider pilot’s license in 1930
– Our first born son was kidnapped and died in 1932 in what was called by some the Crime of the Century
– I was also an accomplished writer, winning two National Book Awards
– I have honorary degrees from 5 colleges
– I died in 2001 at 94 years of age
I am Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Congratulations to Ruth from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy.

Thanks for listening!
– Brogan and Joe

Camps, bridges and puppeteers!

Today we shared Brogan’s conversation with Rev. Dave Matos, Chaplain for Hospice of North Central Ohio. Dave shared about plans for this year’s Camp Hope. You can listen to the conversation here at our SoundCloud link.

The link below also has registration information.

This is also a big week for bridge birthdays. Who knew?

  • the Brooklyn Bridge opened May 24, 1883, connecting New York City and Brooklyn over the East River
  • the Golden Gate bridge opened May 27, 1937 in San Francisco. Did you know that more than 200,000 people paid 25 cents to walk the new bridge?
Who am I?
–      I was born May 25, 1944 in England
–      My parents were both puppeteers
–      My family moved to Belgium when I was an infant, then to the US in 1951
–      I followed my family’s profession and started working with Jim Henson in 1963
–      My Muppet and Sesame Street characters included Miss Piggy, Cookie Monster and Bert
–      I may be best known as the voice of Yoda in the Star Wars movies
–      I also directed several films including What About Bob?

I am…Frank Oz. Congratulations to Anna from Bellville for guessing correctly and winning the one-day pass to the Hiawatha Water Park and Pool.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

It’s Wild Onion vs Strait tonight…

So today we shared the name origins of some of our famous cities…here’s the list:

Baton Rouge, LA – red stick (French)

Boise, ID – woods (French)

Des Moines, IA – of the monks (French)

Terre Haute, IN – high ground (French)

Detroit, MI – strait (French)

Anaheim, CA – hybrid of Santa Ana and the German word for home

Philadelphia, PA – brotherly love (Greek)

Athens, OH and GA – named for the Greek capital

Phoenix, AZ – named for the immortal bird of Greek mythology

Cincinnati, OH – curly hair (Latin) named for Lucius Cincinnatus – a Roman hero

Chicago, IL – wild onion (Native American)

Milwaukee, WI – gathering place (Native American)

Tucson, AZ – base of the black hill (Native American)

Los Angeles, CA – the angels (Spanish)

Amarillo, TX – yellow (Spanish)

Santa Fe, NM – holy faith (Spanish)

El Paso, TX – the pass (Spanish)

Las Vegas, NV – the meadows (Spanish)

Memphis, TN – city in ancient Egypt, named by Andrew Jackson b/c of its location on the Nile-like Mississippi River

Cairo, IL – like the Egyptian capital, pronounced CAY-roh by the natives

Odessa, TX – city in Russia, named by Russian/Ukrainian rail workers

–         I was born on May 18, 1920 in Poland
–         My real first and middle names are Karol Jozef
–         I lived in Krakow during World War II to attend college
–         When the Nazi’s closed my school, I worked three jobs and began studying for the priesthood
–         I survived the Nazi occupation of Poland and finally was ordained in 1946
–         I learned 15 languages and earned my doctorate in 1954
–         I became Archbishop of Krakow and eventually part of the College of Cardinals
–         I was elected Pope in October 1978 and served until my death in 2005
I am…Pope John Paul II. Congratulations to Kathleen of Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the one day pass to the Hiawatha Water Park and Pool.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Brogan

On the 4th of May, may you play 45 records…

Who Knew May the 4th Be With You would be a rallying cry to start a Star Wars Day?

It is…and to learn more about one of the most popular movie franchises in history, click here!

Who Knew May 4th was a day to celebrate the 45 RPM record?

It is! Read more from by clicking this link!

– I was born May 4, 1929 in Belgium
– I spent parts of my childhood in Belgium, England and the Netherlands
– I studied ballet with Dutch and British coaches and became a chorus girl in London
– My breakout role was in the 1953 film Roman Holiday, which earned me the Oscar for Best Actress
– I won three BAFTA awards during my career for Best Actress
– Most people know me from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the movie version of My Fair Lady
– I became involved in UNICEF and received the US Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992
– I died one month later in Switzerland in January, 1993

I am…Audrey Hepburn, actress and humanitarian. Congratulations to Stephanie from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the backpack and Our Daily Bread devotional.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Brogan

The original form of texting!

Today we honored Morse Code Day with…

* I was born April 27, 1791 in Charlestown, Massachusetts
* I attended Yale to study religion, math and equine science
* I supported myself by painting and was commissioned to paint several prominent portraits
* I developed the concept of the single-wire telegraph
* My code became the primary language of telegraphs
* I received Congressional funding in 1843 to build the first telegraphic line
* My first message was, “What hath God wrought?”

I am…Samuel Morse!

Congratulations to Maude from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the WNZR drawstring backpack and the Our Daily Bread devotionals.

Today is also National Tell A Story Day, so we shared some of our favorite stories as kids. Here are some of the books we mentioned:

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

Going Bananas!

The third Wednesday of April is National Banana Day!

Some fun facts about this popular fruit (which is actually an herb):

A banana is about 100 calories and contains a lot of fiber and potassium, so it is very good for the treatment of high blood pressure, ulcers, calcium loss and some cancers.

Bananas are rich at manganese, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

There are more than 1,000 varieties of bananas, but the most widely eaten in the United States is Cavendish. 

Who Knew? Cavendish bananas were named after William Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire. Though they were not the first known banana specimens in Europe, in around 1834 Cavendish received a shipment of bananas. His head gardener and friend, Sir Joseph Paxton, cultivated them in the greenhouses of Chatsworth House. The plants were botanically described by Paxton as Musa cavendishii. For his work, Paxton won a medal at the 1835 Royal Horticultural Society show.

Some popular uses of bananas include: banana splits, banana bread, a peanut butter and banana sandwich, Bananas Foster and a frozen chocolate-covered banana.

Who Knew? Bananas Foster was named for a New Orleans businessman? Read more by clicking here.

– He was born on April 13th, 2001, in Alexandria, OH
– He’s been going to OSU basketball games since he was 4 years old
– He is a Cleveland Browns fan, Guardians fan, and an avid OSU fan
– He did musicals from his 7th grade year through his senior year of high school
– He sang in the highest choir (Vocalise) at his high school.
– He is currently a sophomore in college

This person is our own Dylan Elliott! Congratulations to Eric from Mount Vernon, who wins the drawstring backpack and Our Daily Bread devotional.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

All about Amy!

Today we featured Marcy Rinehart’s conversation with Amy Grant ahead of her concert tomorrow night at the Knox Memorial Theater.

Click this Soundcloud link for all the segments!

  • I was born April 6, 1945 in New York City
  • My real name is William December Williams
  • I have a twin sister, Loretta
  • I made my theatre debut at age 7
  • I won a painting scholarship to the National Academy of Fine Arts and Design
  • I played football legend Gale Sayers in Brian’s Song
  • Most kids and adults know me best as Lando Calrissian

I am…BILLY DEE WILLIAMS! Congratulations to Mark from Utica, who wins the backpack and Our Daily Bread devotional!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

Praises, pencils and Amy Grant

Thank you for your incredible support of Lifeline 2022! Our current total is $69,809.

Today is National Pencil Day! Did you know?

  • cedar is one of the best woods to use for making pencils
  • the lead is a graphite and clay mixture
  • the lead is baked at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • the pencil molds with the lead glued into the cedar are put into a one-ton press for an hour
  • after compression, the pencil molds are cut into a hexagon shape with three cuts on the top and three on the bottom
  • the bare wood then goes through a paint machine and the rubber eraser is applied with an aluminum top

watch the full video here from the Science Network!

Don’t forget you have just under a week to be part of the Sweet Seats ticket contest to see Amy Grant at the Knox Memorial on April 7th. Find the details here!

– I was born March 30, 1940 in Middletown, Ohio
– I started developing memory games for myself when I was 9 years of age
– My high school basketball team won 76 straight games at one point
– I attended Ohio State and won a national championship in 1960
– I also won a gold medal at the 1960 Rome Summer Olympics
– I suffered a major injury in my senior year at OSU, but still played in the NBA
– I won an NBA title with the New York Knicks in 1973
I am Hall of Famer…Jerry Lucas. Congratulations to Matt from Mount Vernon, who wins the WNZR drawstring backpack and a copy of Our Daily Bread!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Dylan

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