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Mystery box

Unsolved Mystery Monday?

Todd hid dog toenail clippers in the Mystery Box today – congratulations to Lorena of Mount Liberty who wins the $5 certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

There used to be a popular TV show called “Unsolved Mysteries” and when I was a kid, another one called “In Search Of.”  I loved watching those shows and thinking about solving those mysteries…

Today Todd shared some stories of some of the more recent mysteries that are still confusing the experts. The first deals with an unexplained tremor. Read more here from Reader’s Digest:

On November 11, 2018, low-intensity seismic waves were detected around the world, from Africa to Chile to New Zealand to Canada to Hawaii, according to National Geographic. No one knows what caused the waves, which were the type that would normally be observed at the tail end of a significant earthquake. The theories so far: Was it a meteor strike? A submarine volcano eruption? An ancient sea monster rising from the deep? The investigation continues. Here are more of the biggest unsolved mysteries about Planet Earth.

On August 20, a leading Dutch cybersecurity expert, Arjen Kamphuis, checked out of his hotel in Norway, telling friends he was flying back to Amsterdam. He was never seen again. In September, his ID card was pulled from nearby Arctic waters. Yet Kamphuis’s phones had been turned on more than 1,000 miles away in a small northern Norwegian town on August 30. Because Kamphius was an outspoken advocate for online privacy, some speculate he was assassinated. Others believe he’s become a spy.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Todd

Mystery Monday

Today on Mystery Monday we chatting with lots of people who were impacted by our Lifeline Theme “God is On the Move” and wanted to share.

Here are a few of the conversations that we shared!

Here are the Staff testimonies!  

Today we did the mystery box! Here are the results of our sense tests!

Hearing Test: 

Question 1: Is it made out of plastic?

Answer: Yes!

Question 2: Does this item have a frame?

Answer:  Yep!

Touch Test: 

Question 1: Is this something you wear?

Answer: Yes.

Question 2: Is this item something that you commonly keep in your car?

Answer:  Yes!

Congrats to Kelly from Mount Vernon who guessed that our mystery item was – sunglasses  –  Lifeline 2018 Fix Our Eyes sunglasses, to be exact! She won that $5 Gift Card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Wondering why the blog is so early?

Let me give you a hint – today is Aprils fools!

Props to Donna and Karen who figured it out!

Thanks so much for listening to The “Afternoon” Drive 😉

-Hannah and Lilly


Mystery Monday

Today Todd and I talked about something with an unsuspecting depth to it and that is names! It’s “Fun facts about names day”,  so we celebrated by sharing the meaning of our names and talking about names in general!

The meaning of Todd’s Name 

The meaning of Hannah’s Name 

The Power of God’s Names  

We also talked with Joe Rinehart who is on the way to the NAIA basketball tournament to cheer on and report back the games with our MVNU Men’s Basketball Team, The Cougars! Click here if you want more information! 

We played Mystery Box today, and because our item was a little abstract we jumped right into the touch test!

Todd had two questions to ask, here they are with the answers!

  1. Is this a piece of paper?  – yes!
  2. Is this paper blank? – No!

At this point, we asked for what was on the paper.

Congrats to Peter from Howard who guessed what was on the mystery box Paper, which was a list of names – our birthday list to be exact. He won that $5 Gift Card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

If you want to put your name on our birthday list or anniversary list, here is a link to the online form. You can also give us a call at (740) 397 – 9090 or (740) 397 – 9697 and ask to be put on the birthday or anniversary list!


Thank you so much for checking out our blog!

-Hannah and Todd


Mystery Monday!

Today Lilly and I played mystery box and talked about the best ways to declutter your home!

For the mystery box, we did three sense tests before Jason from Butler guessed what was in it, and won that $5 gift card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley and 4 tickets to the AAA Great Vacations Travel Expo!

Here are the questions Lilly asked and the answers I gave, for each test.

Shake Test:

  1. Is this a common household item?  – Yes!
  2. Is this something that I would have in my apartment? – Yes!

Smell Test:

  1. Is this edible? At some point, yes.
  2. Is this a food item that people keep in their cars for emergencies? Not really, they could – but I doubt it.

Touch Test:

  1.  Was the item in this bag chips?  Yes!
  2. (She knew it was a bag right away)

The answer: A empty bag of salt and cracked pepper chips!


Here is where we got all of our decluttering tips!

The Best Decluttering Advice We’ve Heard

Thank you so much for listening to the afternoon Drive – we appreciate YOU, we couldn’t do what we love to do without your support!

-Hannah and Lilly



Mystery Box – stumper!

Today Todd brought back his Mystery Box stumper…and Joe got to take a crack at figuring it out.

We found the item was a souvenir poker chip keychain from Las Vegas.


Congratulations to Peter from Howard who won the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe


Mystery Monday & Mission Trip!

Today Malisa hid dried fruit in the Mystery Box!  I love dried fruit…apricots, apples, prunes, mango, etc…and it’s GOOD FOR YOU!


Congratulations to Phyllis of Danville who wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Malisa also shared some of her experiences from her mission trip to Indianapolis, where she worked with Burmese refugees. What will she take away from this experience?  IN her words, “Humans are humans, and sometimes we have to look beyond politics, open our hearts and love all people.”



Thanks for listening!
– Joe


Stamp of Approval!

Mystery Monday

Today Malisa hid a stamp in the Mystery Box – it took several clues, several calls and finally, Jen from Mount Vernon solved the mystery!  She wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to the WNZR Valentine’s Banquet – we’re looking forward to a great time Friday.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

Mystery Monday…and Malisa!

Mystery Monday

Today we introduced our new Monday co-host for the spring semester of the show…

Malisa (pronounced mah-LEE-sah) Simco is a sophomore double major in Journalism and Media Production/American History from Portsmouth, Ohio.  This is her first semester on WNZR after completing the Introduction to Radio Performance course this fall.  She’ll be pinch-hitting for Lilly, who has two Monday afternoon classes this spring.


Malisa got right into it today with trying to figure out what was in the Mystery Box ! Our item today was a Gingerbread Cookie K-Cup.  Congratulations to Randy from Centerburg, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

A ‘Clean’ Mystery Monday!

Welcome in to another week full of excitement here at WNZR!
Joe had a Food for the Hungry meeting this evening, so Rachel sat in for him today!

The Mystery Box made it’s triumphant return for 2018!
I hid something in the box, and Rachel had to guess what it was!

Rachel, from the shake test, learned that it’s not contained in its’ own box, and that it’s an irreguar shaped item. From the smell test, we learned that this item is used for making yourself smell good. (After we eliminated your house, and your car, we settled on yourself! From the touch test, we learned exactly what it was!|
Congratulations to Linda from Utica!
It was a soap bar shaped like a gemstone!
Pretty neat Christmas gift I got from my friend Megan : )

Our word of the day today was…
Stardust! || noun

1. (not in technical use) a mass of distant stars appearing as tiny particles of dust.
2. a naively romantic quality:

There was stardust in her eyes
First recorded in 1835-45; star + dust

Thanks for listening!
– Lilly

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