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Who Knew New Years!

Good afternoon! It’s a little chilly here in town today, but we stayed warm and talked all about New Year’s traditions today! We all know that we drop the ball in New York at midnight, but we talked about some wacky and wild things that states drop at midnight! We also talked about some New Years traditions from different countries, as well as ways to reach your resolutions! Read on to find out more!

You dropped what!??!

New York is home to the most famous ‘drop’ on New Years, but other states have their fun with it as well! We talked about some states that celebrate by dropping things that might be a little out of the ordinary!
Hawaii: Honolulu takes a flavorful twist on the New Years Eve ball drop by raising a “Hala Kahiki”, or Pineapple, up into the air. Sip on some pineapple wine and watch this oversized fruit drop in celebration of the oncoming year!
Pennsylvania: Mechanicsburg, PA rightfully celebrates New Years Eve with the dropping of a large lighted wrench. The event always includes refreshments and music that the whole family will love, as well as some delicious food.
Arizona: Flagstaff, Arizona is brought in by dropping a giant 70-pound glowing metal pinecone. The citizens of Flagstaff gather in the historic downtown area and watch the cone fall from the bough of the Hotel Weatherford.
Georgia: Although not as juicy as a normal Georgia peach, this 800-pound monster is still impressive. The peach has been dropped in Atlanta on New Years Eve since 1989 and the event always includes a full day of festivities.
Pennsylvania: Duncannon, Pennsylvania is all about fun when it comes to their New Years Eve drop tradition, with a giant 10-foot sled instead of a ball.
In Bethlehem, PA, Peeps, the signature marshmallow treats, receive recognition on more than just Easter. In fact, an entire festival is named after the cute little candies. Peepfest takes place in late December and includes a 5k race, live music, and other festivities.
Idaho: In another state famous for a semi-round piece of food, Boise, Idaho hosts a New Years Eve party featuring a giant potato. This is a fairly new festival that began in 2013 and has already seen great success. The event includes a professional fireworks show, live music, and plenty of food. You would not regret attending this event and being named what they call, “spec-taters.”

That’s just a few of our favorites! To see some more of these wacky items, check out USA Today’s story here!

Who Knew Trivia!

Today our trivia question was related to one of our topics! Our question was: “What object does Honolulu, Hawaii drop for their New Year celebration? The answer was a pineapple! Congratulations to our winner Charles from Howard! He guessed correctly and won the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Word of the day!

Today’s word was a longer one, and it was ‘preponderance’. This word is a noun, and it means ‘fact or quality of being preponderant; superiority in weight, power, numbers, etc.’
The preponderance of votes is against the proposal.”

Have a wonderful rest of your evening and stay warm!
-Lilly and Eddie 


Game Time Tuesday!

Good Afternoon! I hope you’re having a great Tuesday afternoon! 2017 is getting into full swing and Eddie and I had an awesome show for you today!

We talked a little bit about New Year’s resolutions today on the show, and Eddie talked about his resolution. He said that his goal this year is to have ‘delayed gratification’ and by that he meant that he would get things done that aren’t incredibly exciting with a good attitude that will lead to happiness later. This was quite the profound resolution! Hopefully, everyone here at WNZR sticks to their resolutions this year! To hear about Professor Rinehart and my resolutions, check out the blog from the show yesterday here.

What’s the new year without Winter Jam, right? The WinterJam Tour Spectacular is coming to Ohio three times!
Saturday, January 21st – at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus
Saturday, February 18th – at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati Sunday,
March 12th – at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland!
If you would like more information and to see the line-up, check out their website, here! 

The song poetry for today was ‘Fix My Eyes‘ from For King and Country!
Eddie gave us these lyrics…
“Here’s what I’d do differently,
I’d love like I’m not scared
Give when it’s not fair
Live life for another
Take time for a brother.”
Congratulations to our winner, Faith from Mt. Vernon!

Our Name that Tune for today was a stumper!!! It will return next week!
Be listening for your chance to win a $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Our word of the day today was ‘ennui’ which is an old French word  thar made its’ way onto the scene around 1660-1670.
Ennui is a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom.
And to use this word in a sentence: “The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.”

Have a great evening!
-Lilly & Eddie


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