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Who Knew Wednesday: You can use WHAT to stick a poster to the wall?

The Floss Fix: To hang lightweight artwork that’s not in a heavy frame, there’s no need to buy picture wire. Unwaxed dental floss will do the trick.

Picture This: Hanging a picture? Make it easy by first taping a thumbtack, pointy side out, to the back below the hanging bracket. Perfectly position your picture and they give it a bit of a push into the wall. 

Upright Candles: Do your candles slide around and their holders like a kid wearing his dad’s pants? Wrap the bottom with tape to get the right fit.

Magazine Management: Are magazines messing up your home? Make some decorative and functional magazine holders by cutting cereal boxes at angles and covering them with wrapping paper. Cover some of them with lacquer or decoupage for a durable finish. 

Your Poster Child: If your teenager loves talking posters upon his or her bedroom wall, here’s a great tip to keep the corners hole free. Place a binder clip on each Corner then slip them over nails or thumbtacks. As an added bonus get shiny or colorful binder clips. 

A Great Uses for Old Jewelry: Do you have too many brooches, pin, earrings and necklaces that you never get around to wearing? Repurpose them by turning them into unique magnets that get noticed! Just use wire cutters to cut off the back of earrings and pins and then take pendants off of a necklace and glue a magnet to them on the back.

Question: When slipping curtains over a metal rod, first place a ________ over the metal end. This will help you avoid snagging the curtain so they go on easily.

Answer: Plastic Bag

Huge shout out to Teresa from Mount Vernon who guessed the answer to this question, but then told us to give the tickets to the first Teenage who called in. Elli From Fredericktown called in right after that – Have fun at WinterJam 2020 Elli!

Question: A terrific way to hang posters and your kids room without leaving holes or stains is with ______________. Just put a generous drop on the back of each corner, press it to the wall, and watch it stick

Answer: Toothpaste! White, non -gel to be exact.

Congratulations to Kenna from Mount Vernon who guessed this right on the first try! You have fun at Winter Jam too, Kenna!!!

If you want to know more about WinterJam 2020 like the line up, dates and locations, click HERE.

Here is the link to MVNU update page.

Here is the link to Knox County Heath Department website.

Here is a link the the Ohio Department of Health website.

Thank you for checking out our blog! We love you!

-Hannah and Todd

Mystery Monday: Decorating Month!

Where you live has an impact on our mood, wellbeing and general happiness levels. That’s why it’s vitally important to feel happy in your own surroundings; you spend enough time at home, after all!! Today Lilly and I talked about Decorating Month!

First, we shared about Color Psychology and how each color can make you feel!

Here is some info on some colors:

The Afternoons Drive's - Todays mystery question

Question: Something People Design For A Living

  1. Clothes
  2. Buildings
  3. Furniture

Congratulations to Marie from Mount Vernon who guessed our top answer and won a $5 Gift Card to Troyers of Apple Valley!

Of course, we talked about interior design! Here are some of the tips we shared on the show!

Here are the 10 Interior design tips!

Here are the 6 Exterior design tips! 

Thank you for checking out our Blog!

-Hannah and Lilly


Oh What Fun! – Christmas Who-Knew!

The 25th is RIGHT around the corner, and time is ticking to bake those last recipes, put together some crafts, watch those favorite movies and enjoy the sights and sounds of this Christmas season! Today, we talked about some of the best ways to spend your time leading up to the big day!

The badge of Pinterest Mom? Yeah.
I wear that with PRIDE.

Check out some family fun crafts below…
Candy Cane Pipe-Cleaner
Rudolph Candy Bars
Snowman Door Decor!
Pinecone Christmas Trees
Paper Plate Elves
Christmas Slime!

What’s Christmas without the food, am I right?
Melted Snowmen Bark
Snowmen on a Stick
Peppermint Oreo Truffles
Pull Apart Bread Christmas Tree
Grinch Cookies
Shortbread Bites
Cranberry Crock-Pot Meatballs

WNZR’s favorite part of Christmas?
The music. Of Course.
Here’s a playlist of the best 30 Christmas songs
Here’s 12 straight hours of Christmas music!
annnnnd here’s 8 hours of fire to listen to them by!

Here’s my favorite Christmas song.
Here’s Joe’s favorite Christmas song.

And what’s Christmas without enjoying some of the things that you can only enjoy at Christmas time!? Well here’s some of the things we think you should do this season!
A bucket-list (Stocking list) of sorts!
– Make a gingerbread house
– Bake and decorate cookies
– Decorate the tree
– Drive around the town and see the lights
– Go sledding (Snow provided)
– Build a snowman (snow provided)
– Drink hot cocoa
– Listen to Christmas music by the fire (fake or real)
– Sing your favorite Christmas carol for all to hear
– Watch your favorite Christmas movie
– Eat stuffing or scalloped potatoes (The homemade, crockpot kind)
– Sit quietly with no lights except the tree and drink hot chocolate
– Christmas Eve candlelight service at Church
– Pie & coffee & talking
– Participate in a Christmas Gift Exchange

Our Christmas Word of the Day today was…
This is the feast of the nativity of Jesus Christ

Middle English yol, from Old English geōl; akin to Old Norse jōl,
a pagan midwinter festival

First Known Use: before 12th century

Thanks for listening!


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