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Getting back to business!

Today we’re sharing information and links about Ohio’s plan to “responsibly restart.” All of the details are at this overall link:

Click the image above for a summary of the protocols…

Thanks for listening! Let’s do this together!
– Joe

Walking with the Spirit

Find the latest WNZR COVID-19 updates here

Today we shared an encouraging devotional from Peter Chin about walking with the Holy Spirit, even when we face tough times.

Ten thousand hours. That’s how long author Malcolm Gladwell suggests it takes to become skillful at any craft. Even for the greatest artists and musicians of all time, their tremendous inborn talent wasn’t enough to achieve the level of expertise that they would eventually attain. They needed to immerse themselves in their craft every single day.

Chin writes that we need a similar mentality when it comes to learning to live in the power of the Holy Spirit. In Galatians, Paul encourages the church to be set apart for God. But Paul explained that this couldn’t be achieved through merely obeying a set of rules. Instead we’re called to walk with the Holy Spirit. The Greek word that Paul uses for “walk” in Galatians 5:16 literally means to walk around and around something, or to journey (peripateo). So for Paul, walking with the Spirit meant journeying with the Spirit each day—it’s not just a one-time experience of His power.

May we pray to be filled with the Spirit daily—to yield to the Spirit’s work as He counsels, guides, comforts, and is simply there with us. And as we’re “led by the Spirit” in this way (v. 18), we become better and better at hearing His voice and following His leading. Holy Spirit, may I walk with You today, and every day!

Name an animal whose legs are featured on a restaurant menu.
The top four answers:
1. Frog
2. Chicken
3. Crab
4. Lamb

Congratulations to Esther from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the WNZR GAME ON t-shirt!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

Praise Thursday: It's Time to Pray…Again and Unimaginable


It’s Time to Pray…Again

Because this is such a new devotional – it’s not on the website! So, here is a picture!
Generic Lifeline POSTPONED-01.png

As you can see, Lifeline 2020 has been postponed. Click HERE to find out more.

Here at WNZR we are devoted to keep you informed during this crazy in the world. We are updating our COVID-19 Update page daily with information from Trustworthy.

Hi, this is Hannah. Today’s show was my last Afternoon Drive as a student. I just wanted to pop in a quick thank you in this blog. My last four years working for WNZR have been so have been so transformative in my life. I’ve been able to develop my professional skills, along with so many other things. I was adopted into a family. All of that was possible because of you. So, from a deep part of my heart, thank you. I cannot truely put into words how much these last four years have meant to me. 
Untill next time.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

– Hannah and Todd

Who Knew Wednesday: The essentials on what to do during the COVID-19 outbreak and why you should do them!!

Today we broke down the “Do the Five”. This is the Public Service Announcement from the World Health Organization, that Google has placed on their front page. We told you what they are, but we know you have probably heard them 100 times already – so we also told you WHY you should be doing these things to prevent the speed of the coronavirus.

First of all, HERE is the link to the World Health Organization’s website where we got all of this information! These are facts people!

  1. HANDS – Wash them often
How clean are your hands? The answer may change how you ...

2. ELBOW– Cough into it

3. FACE – Don’t touch it

4. FEET – Stay more than 3ft apart

5. FEEL – Feel sick? Stay home.

HERE is the link to the New WNZR COVID-19 Update page – it had A TON of information there and it will be updated daily!

Thanks for checking out our blog!

Hannah and Todd

Mystery Monday: Who has said “If you’re bored, do chores!”

Waiting with the Turtle

Divinely Aligned

Name a household chore that is literally a four-letter word.

1. Dust
2. Wash

3. Cook
4. Iron

Congratulations to Alayna from Fredericktown who guessed our top two answers! She won a New WNZR Game On T-shirt!

Here is a link to our Facebook Page, where we are diligently posting updates about this pandemic.

Here is a link to The Knox Country Heath Department Facebook Page, where they are also updating fiercely.

Here is a Link to the MVNU’s update page.

Here are serval links to resources that are TRUSTWORTHY.

Thanks for checking out our blog!

-Hannah and Joe

NZ Top Ten for 3.13.20

10. Edge Of My Seat – TobyMac/ Cochren & Co.
9. I Know – Big Daddy Weave
8. Believer – Rhett Walker
7. Faith – Jordan Feliz
6. The Father’s House – Cory Asbury
5. Burn the Ships – for King & Country
4. Rescue Story – Zach Williams
3. Almost Home – MercyMe
2. The God Who Stays – Mathew West
1. Holy Water – We The Kingdom

Audio: Casting Crowns - Love Moved First -
Love Moved First – Casting Crowns
Chris McClarney - I'm Listening Ft. Hollyn (Audio and ...
I’m listening – Chris McClarney ft. Hollyn

Here is a link to our Facebook Page, where we are diligently posting updates about this pandemic.

Here is a link to The Knox Country Heath Department Facebook Page, where they are also updating fiercely.

Here are serval links to resources that are TRUSTWORTHY.

Thanks for checking out our blog!

-Hannah and Joe

Praise Thursday: Our Guiding Light and He Knows All About It

He Knows All About It

Our Guiding Light

Also, HERE is some bible versus about trusting God.

Here is the Link to the Knox County Health Department’s facebook page for he community meeting tonight.

Here is a link to the CDC’s website.

Here is the link to our Facebook page that will have Minute-to-minute updates on the Coronavirus.

I just want to take a second and encourage you to take a breath. We understand that right now everything seems to be going a hundred miles an hour and there could be a lot of fear worked into that. It’s going to be all right. Everything that’s being done right now is precautionary.  We encourage you to be informed and proactive on protecting yourself but also not to live in the fear of this pandemic.  We serve a god greater than all of this world, including the Coronavirus. 

-Hannah and Todd

Who Knew Wednesday: You can use WHAT to stick a poster to the wall?

The Floss Fix: To hang lightweight artwork that’s not in a heavy frame, there’s no need to buy picture wire. Unwaxed dental floss will do the trick.

Picture This: Hanging a picture? Make it easy by first taping a thumbtack, pointy side out, to the back below the hanging bracket. Perfectly position your picture and they give it a bit of a push into the wall. 

Upright Candles: Do your candles slide around and their holders like a kid wearing his dad’s pants? Wrap the bottom with tape to get the right fit.

Magazine Management: Are magazines messing up your home? Make some decorative and functional magazine holders by cutting cereal boxes at angles and covering them with wrapping paper. Cover some of them with lacquer or decoupage for a durable finish. 

Your Poster Child: If your teenager loves talking posters upon his or her bedroom wall, here’s a great tip to keep the corners hole free. Place a binder clip on each Corner then slip them over nails or thumbtacks. As an added bonus get shiny or colorful binder clips. 

A Great Uses for Old Jewelry: Do you have too many brooches, pin, earrings and necklaces that you never get around to wearing? Repurpose them by turning them into unique magnets that get noticed! Just use wire cutters to cut off the back of earrings and pins and then take pendants off of a necklace and glue a magnet to them on the back.

Question: When slipping curtains over a metal rod, first place a ________ over the metal end. This will help you avoid snagging the curtain so they go on easily.

Answer: Plastic Bag

Huge shout out to Teresa from Mount Vernon who guessed the answer to this question, but then told us to give the tickets to the first Teenage who called in. Elli From Fredericktown called in right after that – Have fun at WinterJam 2020 Elli!

Question: A terrific way to hang posters and your kids room without leaving holes or stains is with ______________. Just put a generous drop on the back of each corner, press it to the wall, and watch it stick

Answer: Toothpaste! White, non -gel to be exact.

Congratulations to Kenna from Mount Vernon who guessed this right on the first try! You have fun at Winter Jam too, Kenna!!!

If you want to know more about WinterJam 2020 like the line up, dates and locations, click HERE.

Here is the link to MVNU update page.

Here is the link to Knox County Heath Department website.

Here is a link the the Ohio Department of Health website.

Thank you for checking out our blog! We love you!

-Hannah and Todd

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