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Who Knew Wednesday: Going back to our roots – with Life Hacks!

Today Todd and I got back to the roots of Who Knew Wednesday! The reason we started Who Knew Wednesday is because we found some pretty awesome books called “Who Knew? 10,001 East Solutions to Everyday Problems” and “More Who Knew? Thousands of Money-Saving Secrets for Cooking, Cleaning and all-around Your Home”, both by Bruce Lubin and Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin!

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Today we decided to focus on Chapter 16 from the first Who Knew? book about Car hacks! Here are the hacks we shared:

  • Make the most of that expensive gas!
    • Keep your tires inflated. It’s much harder for your engine to get your car to move when your tires are even a little bit flat. Invest in a gauge and make sure to keep them as inflated as possible without over-inflating.
    • Change your oil regularly. As oil ages, it’s thicker and harder to push through the engine, causing more energy to be used. By changing your oil regularly you’ll make sure you get the best fuel economy possible.
    • Roll up your windows on the highway. Having the wind streaming through your hair might be fun, but it increases drag on the car and make it take more energy to run. In this case, it’s actually usually cheaper to run the AC.
    • Other quick tips to save gas:  Be smart with the route you pick, stay at or under the speed limit, remove any excess weight in your car and try to carpool as much as possible!
  • Who knew Classic Tip: if your windshield wipers are smearing your windshield while they work, wipe the blades with rubbing alcohol.

  • Keep your car doors from freezing: it’s hard enough to have to dig out your driveway and scrape off your car after a snowstorm. Save yourself the trouble of worrying about car doors freezing shut by spraying WD-40 in the lining. Once at the beginning of winter should do it!

  • Condition Your Car: You might think we are crazy, but applying conditioner, leaving for 5 minutes, and then rinsing it off will give your car a just-waxed shine. As an added bonus, it will more effectively repel water!

  • For supple leather: if your car has leather seats, regularly apply a thin layer of baby oil to the leather and let it dry. This will prevent your seats from drying out and cracking.

  •  Removing bumper stickers: Get those old bumper stickers off and bring your car up to date. Rub cold cream on the stickers and wait 10 minutes. Say goodbye and peel the bumper sticker right off.

  •  Stop ice before it starts: To keep your car door locks safe from ice during the cold winter months place a refrigerator magnet of the lock you can even take an old magnet (that 2008 calendar from the local realtor, perhaps) and cut it into pieces that fit perfectly.

  •  It pays to restart your engine: If you are waiting for longer than 30 seconds in your car, turn off the engine. Use more fuel idling after 30 seconds then you use to restart your car.
  • Impromptu shovel: Stuck in the mud, sand or snow with no way to dig yourself out? A shovel may be closer than you think. Just detach your hubcap and use that instead!

  •  Bonus tip of the day:

    • Take two aspirin for yourself, then to for your car: if your car battery has died and you don’t have jumper cables, don’t get a headache just yet. First, try dropping a couple of aspirin tablets into the battery the acid in the aspirin can provide it with just enough to charge get you to the nearest service station.


  • Question of the Day:
    •  According to insurance agencies, green and yellow cars are the least likely to get in a car accident, and red and black cars are the most likely. Why do you think this is? Let us know below in the comments section!


Thanks so much for checking out the blog!

-Hannah and Todd


Praise Thursday: Strive for excellence in serving God’s purpose & What to do when you don’t know what to do.

Today Joe and I had the chance to not only share some incredible devotionals we also had a chance to talk to Todd who is on his way, along with 6 of our students and Marcy, to CMB University! We would deeply appreciate prayers for safe travels and a good time for those students and for those of us who are holding down the fort!

Strive for excellence in serving God’s purpose

2 Chronicles 31: 21 – “ In everything that he undertook in the service of God’s temple and in obedience to the law and the commands, he sought his God and worked wholeheartedly. And so he prospered.” 

Excellence in our spiritual lives begins with a true devotion to God. That changes you from the inside out. When the heart changes and pleasing God becomes a priority, your behavior will also change. And despite what the world tells you, obedience to the Lord brings more pleasure than sin does. When you seek the Lord with all of your heart you will find him, and the natural result is joyful and earnest obedience to his will. That obedience will bring you God’s blessing and the peace that passes all understanding.


What to do when you don’t know what to do

Micah 6:8 – ” He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” 

Run to the word when you don’t know what to do. Seek his direction for anything and everything. As Christians, we are called to be different from the world in the way we live and the way we do business. There should be a clear difference in the way we raise our kids. our marriages should testify to the love of Christ and those outside the church should be powerfully attracted to the unity and love they see in you and your family. As a Believer, we have the responsibility to live in a way that others see Christ in us. As the body of Christ, we are his hands and feet, we are his Masterpiece. We also may be the only Jesus some people will ever know.

Thanks for checking out our blog!

-Hannah and Joe

Praise Thursday

Lilly and I started a new section of the devotional by James Banks called “Let’s Pray”.

Today we prefaced for the prayers we are going to share next time about everyday prayers.

Here what we said:
Sometimes we rush into heavens throne room with a list. Though God’s word encourages us to “come boldly unto the throne of our gracious God”, there are moments when I wonder if I’m a little too bold. When my mind is filled with the things of this earth, I can only imagine what it looks like in heaven…
Imagine the father, seated on the throne and ruling in glory, “high and exalted.’ Around his throne, our seraphs, Hiding their faces and in worship before the awesome wonder of the ancient of days.  And like a child bursting in without knocking, here I come, making all of my wants and wishes known.
Rough as that picture is, there still a grace-filled beauty to it. I am a child, a child of the father saved by faith in his crucified son. I can come boldly and entirely without fear because God is “Abba, father “. He knows my daily needs and cares deeply about them. It’s not priority he’s concerned about but it’s the condition of my heart. And the more my heart matures, the more it will be in rhythm with his own. God wants us to grow and “mature’ in our understanding of what it means to have a relationship with him.
Andrew Murray explains, the little boy may ask of the father only what it needs for itself; and yet it soon learn is to say, “give it some for my sister too.’ But the grown-up  Son, who only gives for the father’s interest and takes charge of the fathers business, asks more largely and gets all of that is asked.
Prayers about everyday needs, help us maintain perspective. They are not only about things necessary for life on earth – they’re also about our deepest need:  A growing relationship with our father in heaven. Jesus makes this priority for our living and asking very clear: “seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” God wants us to bring our every day needs to him with faith and expectation so that we will live in loving dependence on him and you know the blessing of being caught up in his purposes. He is the “author of life”,  and we exist for him and because of him. And his kindness, he wants to bless us and drop us near with love that gives life to our souls. There is no blessing greater than God.
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Thank you for listening!
Hannah Radke

Praise Thursday – Belief in the Trials!

Today we continue our series from the book by Dr. Tony Evans, “Can God be Trusted in our Trials?”

Last week we talked about making sure that faith is at the forefront of trusting God through our trials. This week, we’re going back to the book of Hebrews to get more encouragement. This week, it’s about making sure that we are intentional to get in the race to work with God through our trials.

Dr. Evans, when he refers to “getting in the race,” is writing about making sure we are pushing back against unbelief. Using faith to help us push forward. In Hebrews chapter 4, it reminds us that the struggles of the Israelites, as they journeyed from Egypt to the Promised Land, stemmed from the fact that they had lost their belief in God and they were not united in their faith.

Remember in life, we can anchor a lot of things – we can anchor a swing set, a basketball hoop, a fence post or anything else we want with cement, but it has to be mixed with water to become concrete and hold.

In a shaky situation where you need an anchor for your soul, you need to mix God’s truth with your faith. In other words, you act as if God will provide you with the strength to bear your trial.

Hebrews 12:1 reminds us that once we get rid of the sin of unbelief, that tangles us up so easily, we can run the race with endurance. It’s the same thing that James says in Chapter 1, verse 4: keep going; don’t quit, let endurance have its perfect result.

Sometimes, our response to that is, “but I’m tired.” And that’s true; we all get tired. But God will give us grace to press on for one more day tomorrow and then he’ll meet us again with grace to endure the day after tomorrow.

Remember what Matthew 6:34 says: “do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself.” You may not see anything but the crisis right now, but God’s Word assures you that Christ is in your crisis. And that’s all any of us really needs to know.

Hebrews continues with more wisdom in chapter 12, verse 2, when it reminds us to, “keep our eyes on Jesus the author (or the architect) of our faith; and the perfector (or completer) of our faith.

That means he is everything between the start and the finish of the race called the Christian life. The time to look to the savior is not just when things are going well and you’re singing praises, but when the pain is the most intense and you feel like you’re going to collapse any minute.

God CAN be trusted in our trials because he’s given us the fuel to press through them.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Todd

Praise Thursday – Faith and Trials

We continue our series today on the book, Can God be Trusted in our Trials? by Dr. Tony Evans. Today we’re talking about how our faith taps into God’s power.  A trust in God when we can’t see where he’s taking us, or when it looks like we’re heading toward a cliff is an act of faith.

Faith is the subject of Hebrews 11 – that’s what we’re told in the very first verse: “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction or the evidence of things not seen.” Faith is simply belief in God; having an absolute assurance that he’s completely truthful in everything he says.

God calls us to have faith in an object that is big enough and worthy enough to merit our trust. That object is His own person and His promises.

The reason many of us have small faith, especially when we’re going through trials, is that we think we have a small God.

That’s why the most important doctrine for a Christian to understand is the doctrine of God; because your view of God will determine the size of your faith. Faith is being persuaded that God always tells the truth. So when he says, “I will never desert you or forsake you” in Hebrews 13:5, you can take that promise to the bank.

God never asks anyone to act on so-called blind faith…the message of Hebrews 11 is that many people took God and His word and triumphed even when things were at their toughest. The heroes of Hebrews 11, like Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Rahab and Joshua can say to us, “we’ve been where you are going, we fought and we won the battle; and we can tell you that God is faithful.”

It’s always great to have someone tell us that we can make it, but don’t miss the bottom line of Hebrews 11 and 12. We are to fix our eyes on Jesus, not on the people who have gone before us. We can look at them, but we focus on Jesus.

The truth is that too many Christians are more than willing to put their faith in another human being. More so than in God. We trust doctors and pharmacists when they tell us that what they’re giving us is good for us. We’re making a faith decision to take a medicine that we really know nothing about.  Let’s make the same faith decision about something we KNOW.

Dr. Evans also shares that we must work to become “FAITH WALKERS” not just “FAITH TALKERS.”
Hebrews 11:6 reminds us that without faith, it is impossible to please Him.

Tony Evans tells the story of the farming community that was in a terrible drought and the farmers were in danger of losing their crops. The situation was so bad that they called a special prayer meeting to pray for rain.

Everyone came to the meeting with their Bibles and prayed for 2 hours, but nothing happened, so everyone went home. Everyone except for a boy in the back. He walked outside, looked up and said. “Lord we need rain, we’re in a crisis and you promised to meet our needs, so we are expecting it to rain.”

Soon the clouds begin to form and before long, rain started falling. The boy’s face broke into a huge smile, he pulled out the umbrella had brought to the prayer meeting, opened it up and walked home. The others said they believed in God but this boy acted as if he believed in God.

If you feel like you’re in a drought with your trial, have you come to God with your umbrella and hand ready to hear from Heaven? If we’re living faithless lives, our lives are displeasing to God.  He is not happy with us when we fail to trust him, because nothing can take the place of faith.

You can win whatever battle or crisis you are in right now because you can trust God in your trial. And you have a great cloud of witnesses from the past to remind you that you serve the same changeless, eternally faithful God.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Todd

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