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Praise Thursday

God’s Community

Join WNZR to celebrate our 36th Anniversary this Saturday October 1st! First at Knox Starting Point Family Day and 5K from 10am-Noon at the Fredericktown Community Park. Then at Memorial Park in Mount Vernon for the TAC (Teen Advisory Council) Color for a Cause and 1 Mile Walk and Run from Noon-3pm, and will be broadcasting from 1pm-3pm. Also, at both events the first 90 people to stop by Big Blue will get homemade buckeyes from The Least Of These Ministries.

Emma then shared day four of the devotional series While We Wait. She shared that when we are going through hard times we need a “true community” and not be isolated to the darkness we are going through. That this true and trusted community can anchor us and give us peace during this season of darkness. That this community should remind us that God is for us.

Jonathon then shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread about The Power Of a Name. How God changed Abraham and Sarah names when he made a covenant of love with them. Showing us how names are important in the Bible, often reflecting a person’s character traits or role. That we should show joy by calling others by name and affirming who God created them to be.

Name that Tune! We gave away a special prize today, an Action Bible! Congrats to Caleb of Mount Vernon for guessing the correct answer of Hold On To Me by: Lauren Daigle! If you are interested in the Action Bible here is a link to purchase one.

It is global student prayer week! We prayed for our country, for the loss of Emma West, and for those who are effected by Hurricane Ian. If you want to help those who are effected by Hurricane Ian, Samaritan’s Purse is an amazing organization that is helping with disaster relief, here is a link to help!

Thank you so much for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Motivation for your First Day of Fall

Today, September 22nd, is the Autumnal Equinox, meaning it is officially fall season! Emma and I celebrated by sharing our favorite fall memories, along with some devotionals for Praise Thursday.

For my devotional today, I was inspired by the chance to attend a small group meeting with my closest friends this morning, so I shared Mike Wittmer’s piece entitled “People Who Need People” from Our Daily Bread.

Emma continued her “While We Wait” devotional series from the Bible App with Week 3 today! You can find the entire series HERE.

This week’s Name That Tune was Truth Be Told by Matthew West! Congratulations to Cassie of Butler for winning a $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy!

We also had the chance to give away two pairs of Shrek Jr tickets thanks to MTVarts for this Saturday’s show at 7:30pm! Congratulations to Linda and Cassandra, both of Gambier, for winning those tickets!

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon & Emma

Getting to Know Red Rocks

For the first hour of today’s show we heard interviews with Kory Miller of Red Rocks Worship, one of the artists that will be at SonFest this year. Kory shared how excited the band is playing at SonFest this Saturday. He also shared with us how God has worked within the band and the exciting news that the band is recording a new album! If you miss the interviews you can listen on our Sound Cloud.

Emma shared day two of the devotional called While We Wait. Sharing the encouraging message that God is working in your waiting season. This devotional talks about the story of David, that he had to wait 20 years before he became King of Israel. We all have a purpose and a calling, which means we have to embrace the waiting.

Jonathon shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread titled God in the Details, making a connection between a family craving carrots and a God that is in every aspect of our lives. This devo also shares the story of Moses and his calling to free the Israelites from the hands of Egypt.

Game Time! We played name that tune and SonFest Trivia. Congrats to Jan of Howard for winning name that tune! The song was God Is on the Move by 7eventh Time Down. Congrats to Damon of Danville for winning today’s SonFest Trivia. He wins two tickets to SonFest!

Thanks for listening!

Emma and Jonathon

Finding Refuge While We Wait

Today, we celebrated Praise Thursday with two special devotionals from Emma and I!

Emma shared a devo from the Bible App, it’s Day 1 of a 7 day series called “While We Wait”. If you want to finish out the series for yourself, you can find the rest here

I shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread, entitled “Finding Refuge”. Sheridan Voysey shares from Isaiah 25, making a connection through his experience of a ruthless storm during a family vacation. You can read the devotional here

We then played name that tune and Sonfest Trivia. We didn’t get a winner for name that tune, but we did get a winner Sonfest Trivia. Congratulations to Beth from Mount Vernon for winning two tickets to Sonfest. If you would like to win tickets listen to the Morning Thing at 7:30 am and the Afternoon Drive at 5:25 pm.

Thank you for listening!

Jonathon and Emma

Gather Together!

Today, Jonathon and Emma shared about the excitement of last nights opening of the CH4 soccer and lacrosse stadium on the campus of MVNU. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, women’s soccer team took on Siena Heights (MI) and won 3-2. Later they shared about Frist Friday, which is happening tomorrow in downtown Mount Vernon. The theme this month is Back to School. Don’t forget to see Big Blue Crew to win our clean up, drink up, stay up basket.

Emma then shared a devotional from “The Well-Watered Woman” by: Gretchen Saffles. That we as Christians we sometimes compare our lives to the lives of others who are in a growing season. She then shared that you don’t have to be in a “blooming” season to be growing in your faith walk. That if you are stilled God can do amazing things in that growth. That if we find our hope in Christ, we can bloom where we are planted.

Jonathon later shared a devotional from “Our Daily Bread” When We Gather Together . He shared the verse Hebrews 10:25 NLT. He went on to talk about that as Christians we are encouraged to gather together as a community.

Today for Name that Tune, our song was Man of Your Word by Maverick City Music. Congrats to Becky of St. Louisville for winning a five dollar gift card to Round Hill Dairy.

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon and Emma

Finding Home

Today we shared inspiration based on the story of a famous book character and a promise from Psalms. Read ‘Longing For a Home,” from author Anne Cetas by clicking here.

Also, another story about finding home, “The Wizard of Oz,” celebrates the anniversary of its theatrical release, August 25, 1939.

Today’s song was “Patient,” from Apollo LTD. Congratulations to Demi from Mount Vernon, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card from Round Hill Dairy Ice Cream.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

Pulling us to safety

Today I shared a devotional from Our Daily Bread and Jennifer Schuldt called “Pulled to Safety.” It’s based in David’s rescue in 2 Samuel. Read it by clicking here!

…was “This Could Change Everything,” from Francesca Battistelli. Congratulations to Barbie from Fredericktown, who guessed correctly and wins the $5 gift card to Round Hill Dairy Ice Cream.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe

Praise Thursday with the Knox County Fair right around the corner!

Today on the Afternoon Drive, Brogan shared a devotional taking about the them of being dissatisfied, and how life and material things can often make us feel dissatisfied, and how our spiritual life can help us feel more whole and satisfied with our life. To read the full devotional, click here!

Joe’s devotional comes from Our Daily Bread titled “Our Father”. The devotional speaks about the power of prayer, and centering our life around God. After all, the beginning of the Lord’s prayer is, “Our Father”.

Thanks for listening!

-Brogan and Joe

Stories of belief and joy

Today Brogan shared inspiration from In Touch Ministries about the importance of what it means to believe in Jesus. Read more by clicking here.

Joe shared about retaining joy in this devotional by Sheridan Voysey called ‘Sing Again.’ Read more by clicking this link from Our Daily Bread.

We brought back last week’s stumper…it was CAIN with Rise Up – congratulations to Lyle from Howard who wins TWO $5 gift cards to Round Hill Dairy.

Thanks for listening!
– Brogan and Joe

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