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Toby Mac and the We Love Music Awards

First up, the We Love Music Awards are tonight! Check them out and get more info here:

One of WNZR’s favorite artists is finally back after a hard season in his life. Check out the latest single from Toby Mac and be sure to watch the music video!’HelpisontheWayMaybeMidnight.asp

Finally a big congratulations to Sherrisa from Howard. She correctly guessed our song for Song Poetry! This week we featured There was Jesus by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton

Thanks for listening
–Todd McKinley

Gift Exchange and Tips for Celebration!

Today we shared some ideas for celebrating Christmas in 2020! You can check out the full list here!:

quarantine christmas ideas

A congratulations to Jonathan and Linda, they were our winners for the Christmas Gift Exchange and the 5$ gift certificate to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks For Listening and Merry Christmas!
-Todd McKinley

Who Knew Wednesday

Today we featured Basics for Better Health. These tips and tricks are helpful for maintaining good health while practicing social distancing. For all COVID-19 related questions, click here:

No Excuse Exercising:
Can’t make it to the gym and don’t have a set of weights? Sorry, but you’re not getting out of that workout routine so easily. You can use stairs for a number of cardiovascular activities. Food cans and textbooks also make for great replacement weights. Finally, don’t forget about simple body weight exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups. Those are considered classics for a reason. You may not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you can definitely stay in shape during this season of social distancing.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer:
Hand Sanitizer is getting harder and harder to come by as this situation develops. While it’s no substitute for the FDA approved store-bought brands, this quick and easy mix will do in a pinch. Make sure your mixing tools are properly sanitized before you begin! You’ll Need:

Isopropyl alcohol
Aloe vera gel
Tea tree oil

Just mix 3 parts isopropyl alcohol to 1 part aloe vera gel. Then, Add a few drops of tea tree oil to give it a pleasant scent.

Quick Fix For Desk Realted Back Pain:
With most work and education transitioning online for the foreseeable future, lower back pain may become a real issue for you. A simple, old home remedy for this is to elevate your feet slightly from the ground. An old phone book should usually do the trick!

Thanks for Listening
Todd McKinley-

Who New? it was so easy to get organized!

More Storage for a Three-Ring Binder
If your children are having trouble losing erasers and pencils at school consider this little hack. Take a hefty plastic Ziploc bag, punch 3 holes in it and then slide it into their 3-ring binder. After that, fill it with pencils and erasers. It’s an easy way to help them stay more organized at school.

Yet Another use for Shoe Boxes
If you’re like me then you store your underwear, socks and pajamas all in the same clothes drawer. If that’s the case it might be wise to use shoe boxes to divide up the categories. This way it’s easier to find what you need, keep dirty and clearn laundry seperate and it makes cleaning up much quicker if you have company coming over.

Getting rid of clothing clutter
If you’re worried that you’re going to get buried every time you open up your closet, it might be time to downsize. Sort through the clothes that you don’t want anymore, pack them up and take them to the nearest re-sale store or charity. This clears up space for you AND is good for the environment!

Thanks for listening!
-Todd McKinley

Mandisa, Riley Clemmons and MORE!


Mandisa is starting of the year strong with a new single! read her powerful testimony here!


This next bit isn’t about Riley Clemons specifically but rather her involvement in Winter Jam 2020 along with a TON of other artists! She recently posted on Instagram that she’s gearing up for the tour and hopes to see fans there! For a full lineup and ticket information check out


No Game Time Two’s this time as we had to end early to prepare for the MVNU Men’s basketball game against Huntington University!


Thanks for Listening
Todd McKinley


The Parking Situation with Jen Odenweller

On the show this morning we had the opportunity to talk with Jen Odenweller about the parking situation in downtown Mount Vernon.

Jen shared all about the changes being made to parking lot and what the construction process will look like, including the time it should take.

If you missed any of our conversation with Jen click HERE.

Who knew Wednesday: Scrubs and love

Today Todd and I celebrating nurses and the profession of nursing! We had the honor of speaking with an MVNU nursing student and my grandma, Sue Radke, who has been a nurse for 30 years!

HERE is the conversation I had with Madeline Frantz, an MVNU nursing student!

We also had the honor of talking to my Grandma, Sue Radke, who has been a nurse for years, HERE is the conversation!

Today’s Who Knew Wednesday trivia question was:

How old is the oldest working nurse in America?

Answer: 91 years old! Her name is CeCe and she has been helping people for 70 years! Click HERE to learn more about Cece!

Congratulations to Pamela from Fredericktown who guessed our trivia question and won that coveted $5 Gift Card to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Thanks for checking out our blog!

– Hannah and Todd

Community Collaboration!

Tonight, Joe was able to attend the joint meeting of the Mount Vernon City School Board and City Council at Twin Oak Elementary School…here is the official press release!

CONTACT: Samantha Scoles
Coordinator of Communications/PR
740-397-9000, ext. 4347

April 10, 2019


HEADLINE: Collaboration makes $20-million ‘Access to Opportunity’ possible

 MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — In 1966, Mount Vernon Nazarene College and the current campus of Mount Vernon High School/Middle School were cut from the cloth that was once Columbus Delano’s Lakeholm Farm. Fifty-three years later, pieces of that fabric are being woven back together in a progressive partnership with benefits reaching beyond the classroom.

The close collaboration of community partners, bearing the name “Access to Opportunity,” encompasses four major construction projects on or near the campuses of MVHS/MS and Mount Vernon Nazarene University. The Education Gateway Project at the MVHS/MS will include a new sports Field House, a bus garage and will extend Yellow Jacket Drive to Cougar Drive. MVNU will build a Soccer and Lacrosse Stadium and Community Soccer Fields while the city of Mount Vernon will replace the Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge and connect the Kokosing Gap Trail with Memorial Park and MVNU.

North Campus Map.psd

The flurry of activity that will come as these four construction projects become a reality will position the university and the school district for the future, but will also provide a boost to the area’s marketability for new industry and residents.

“We are always in the market to help drive business growth in Knox County and land new companies. That work is assisted by the fact that you have world-class facilities because it makes recruitment that much easier,” said Jeff Harris, executive director of the Area Development Foundation Inc., which serves as the county’s economic development organization.

While individual facilities are not the lone draw to expanded economics, Harris explains it is the sum of the parts such as Ariel-Foundation Park, plus the Woodward Opera House, plus a dynamic Industrial Park, plus the athletic expansion at MVHS and MVNU, plus a thriving and expanding hospital — that add up to one community being more attractive over another.

“They will serve as deal clinchers,” said Harris. “Envision someone considering an investment in Mount Vernon but they are on the fence. They start going through the tally sheet. Having these new facilities allows another checkmark on the Mount Vernon side of the ledger, and makes that decision more in our favor.”

What’s even more impressive than the structures that will be built, is the collaboration between local entities to make this all possible. From the bridge and bike path project to the athletic facilities, conversations and cooperation have included city school district leadership, Jacket Boosters Inc., MVNU, city officials, Knox County Foundation, the YMCA, Mount Vernon Soccer Association, ADF, Mount Vernon City Council, Mount Vernon City Schools Board of Education and a long list of advisors and donors.

“What’s unique about this community is the way the people love to collaborate and share resources,” said William Seder, superintendent of Mount Vernon City Schools. “I strongly believe we can do things together and be fiscally responsible for the betterment of everybody. Donors were initially excited about the Gateway Project and there was an even greater excitement about the potential to share and make this even more of a community resource.”


To make all of these projects work, entities have working together to re-imagine land usage, partner for efficiencies and shared utilization of facilities for students and the community, and enhance both campuses as well as Mount Vernon Avenue.

“These projects demonstrate the long history of collaboration between Mount Vernon Nazarene University, the city of Mount Vernon and Mount Vernon City Schools,” said MVNU President Dr. Henry W. Spaulding II. “We are excited to see how this project will enhance sports competition in the City of Mount Vernon. I cannot wait for that day when people drive down Mount Vernon Avenue and see multiple games being played. It will be a source of joy for the community, and especially for the university.”

Knox County Foundation has already pledged funds to the Field House and the Community Soccer Fields. In addition, it continues to provide guidance to assist in optimizing fundraising endeavors.

“This multi-faceted project, the Access to Opportunity, is one more example of the vibrancy of our Knox County community,” said Sam Barone, executive director of Knox County Foundation. “The Foundation is delighted not only to support components of the Education Gateway Project, and MVNU’s soccer and lacrosse complex, with grants from its unrestricted funds, but also to reprise a role it has played many times as a central receiving point for contributions to the project from the community. In this capacity, we can facilitate gifts of stocks and bonds, and donor-advised funds gifts, which are often complicated for school systems and colleges to process.”


Those interested in financially supporting the Field House can do so by contacting Tiell at or 614-679-6509; Justin Sanford, Athletic Director, Mount Vernon City Schools at or 614-580-09000; or mail donations to Jacket Boosters Inc., P.O. Box 776, Mount Vernon, OH 43050. Online donations are accepted by visiting and clicking “Donate Now.”

For more information on MVNU’s stadium project, or to donate, visit

Who Knew Wednesday!

Today Joe and I talked about all the upcoming events in your community! (Spoiler they all contain Christmas)

Happy Christmas Bean is happening tonight in downtown Mount Vernon in Hunter Hall at Happy Bean from 7-9pm. There will be some discounts on coffee and a mug auction and all the proceeds will go to M2540, an MVNU campus ministry – Click HERE to find out more about M2540.

What better way to get into the Christmas mood than making memories with your family – Christmas trees, photo booths, kids crafts – all while supporting Food for The Hungry! To find out more about the Fredericktown Christmas Walk coming up on Saturday, December 2nd click HERE.

Speaking of Food for The Hungry! Its here, and in full swing! To find out more about what Food for the hungry is and how WNZR partners with this click HERE. 

Congrats to Amanda from Howard for winning our “Different kind of giveaway” – She won two tickets to the Mark Schultz and Love & the Outcome concert – To find out more about this concert click HERE.

Todays word of the day:

verb  –   BLUJ


1 : (chiefly Australia & New Zealand) to avoid work or responsibility
2 : (chiefly Australia & New Zealand) to get something from or live on another by imposing on hospitality or good nature : sponge



Thanks so much for the support of the Afternoon Drive! We deeply appreciate you! – Hannah Radke

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