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Tours and Talk Shows!

This week, we explored one of the most highly anticipated tours in Christian music coming up next year and we also checked in on the crazy year that Amy Grant has had!

This past Friday, Chris Tomlin and Hillsong UNITED announced their upcoming joint tour for 2022! The “Tomlin UNITED” Tour will kick off in Greensboro, North Carolina on February 9th. The tour in all will reach 33 venues all across America before ending in Duluth, GA on April 13th.

Tickets for the tour go on sale October 22nd and will be available at A date to remember for this tour is when the group will be in Columbus on Friday, February 18th at Nationwide Arena.

Even four decades since beginning her career, Amy Grant has continued her very successful year by performing live for The Kelly Clarkson Show on NBC. The six time Grammy Winner sang her 90s track “Good For Me” on the show, a show which has been extremely popular lately as the highest rated talk show to debut in 7 years. 

This, however, was just a glimpse at the kind of year Amy has had after being inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame for the Class of 2021. She is also wrapping up her 42 city fall tour and preparing for the Christmas season where she will appear in several shows with Michael W. Smith. For more information, make sure to visit

I have tasted
All that this world has to offer
The here and gone that leaves you wanting more
But can’t satisfy

This song was a stumper! So come back next week for a chance at TWO $5 gift cards to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks for listening!

— Jonathon

“Facing Fear”

Today on the show we read some devotionals from Our Daily Bread.

We also had our weekly Bible trivia.

We also talked about some upcoming events that are coming up.

We talked about Clergy Appreciation Month that is going on through the end of October.

We will also be at the Johnny Appleseed Apple Festival this weekend.

Dylan’s devotional from Our Daily Bread is titled “Lies With Truth”. You can find the link here.

Jonathon’s devotional from Our Daily Bread is titled “Facing Fear”. You can find the link here.

Question: What was the first town where Jesus began his ministry and was rejected?
Answer: Nazareth

Congratulations to Mel of Mount Vernon for guessing the correct answer! He wins a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks for listening!

-Dylan and Jonathon

Who Knew?

It was Who Knew Wednesday on the show today.

We also talked about how Friends debuted on this day in 1944, the Women’s Volleyball team playing Taylor University, and we also talked about how this week is national prayer and praise.

We prayed over the air.

We also had our weekly Who Am I? segment.

Here is the description of this person.

I was born on this day in 1958

I have three children Amos, Matteo, and Virginia

I am Italian

I studied law at the University of Pisa

I am also a singer

The answer is: Andrea Bocelli

Congratulations to Ron Butcher of Mount Vernon for winning a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup for guessing the correct answer.

Thanks for Listening!

-Joe and Dylan

My Jesus Makes History!

Christian music’s newest artist, Anne Wilson, has become the first female solo artist to hit No. 1 with a debut song on the National Christian Airplay chart since the chart’s inception in 2003. This comes as her unprecedented success continues with her debut single, “My Jesus,” topping the radio charts in just 14 weeks after it received an impressive 49 adds out of the box at radio, continuing this week as a multi-week No. 1 song reaching 10M in audience. As Capitol CMG’s most successful debut single from a new artist in more than a decade, the 19-year-old’s “My Jesus” has held the top position for multiple consecutive weeks on the Hot Christian Songs chart, which combines airplay, sales, and streaming data.  

Anne Wilson also released a new live version of the hit song along with four additional titles in early August, and she is currently with Big Daddy Weave for their “All Things New Tour”. The tandem will be in Wooster on Wednesday, September 22nd at the Church of the Savior. More information on that can be found at our website on

Three-time GRAMMY award winner Danny Gokey is celebrating his newest album, Jesus People, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums Chart. The album also charted at No. 6 on the Billboard Top Current Album Sales Chart and No. 9 on the Billboard Current Digital Album Sales chart. This is the fourth time he has had an album debut at No. 1. 

In addition to the number one debuting album, Gokey continues to grow with the album’s single debut, “Stand In Faith”, coming in at No. 23 on the Billboard National Christian Airplay Chart. Gokey commemorated his album’s release across the country starting in California for a release show with a live stream event followed by returning to the Midwest for shows in St. Paul, MN, and a hometown show in Wisconsin.  

You can hear the new songs along with Gokey’s hit tracks for his “Stand In Faith Tour” featuring special guest Colton Dixon. Go to for more information regarding his upcoming tour. 4

Here are links to both articles —-> Anne Wilson & Danny Gokey

A cloud by day
Is a sign that You are with me
The fire by night
Is the guiding light to my feet

Congratulations to Jeff of Mount Vernon for guessing our Song Poetry for this week – Egypt by Cory Asbury! He wins a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup.


Q: Where does Cory Asbury currently reside and and serve as a worship pastor?

A: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Congrats to Beth of Mount Vernon for winning (2) tickets to Sonfest 2021! Stay tuned for the next two weeks at 5:25 for you chance to answer trivia to win a pair of your own!

Thanks for listening!

Jonathon and Dylan

Seeing and Flourishing

Today, I recapped the Mount Vernon Music and Arts Festival and previewed some other events coming in the near future like Student Move-In Day, the Fredericktown Tomato Show, and even Sonfest 2021!

Being a Monday, I also shared two devotionals from Our Daily Bread that you should take the time to read!

Read “Sight Unseen” from Tim Gustafson HERE

Read “Flourish Again” from Jennifer Benson Schuldt HERE

What is the most common order a backseat driver yells to a driver?
  1. Stop! 29
  2. Slow Down! 23
  3. Watch Out! 15
  4. Turn Here! 12
  5. Hurry Up! 8

Congratulations to Owen of Fredericktown for guessing the top two answers to earn a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

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Shark Awareness Day

Today, we dove into the oceans of the world to discuss the importance of sharks in our society!

While the media has portrayed these creatures as “menaces” or “beasts”, sharks are a key factor to keeping their environment in tact. Think of the food chain. Sharks eat something else that eats something else, and population control is a real issue in the ocean.

The hunting of sharks are the main reason for such a significant drop in population. Skin, meat, and fins are all profitable parts that are taken away from sharks for our own personal gain. Shark support groups use Shark Awareness Day, every year on this date, to protect and preserve the integrity and importance of these creatures that sit atop the food chain.

Who Am I?

–          I was born this day in 1913 in Omaha, Nebraska
–          My birth name was Leslie King, but I legally changed my name to my stepfather’s name in 1935
–          I was raised mostly in Grand Rapids, Michigan and played college football at the University of Michigan
–          I served in the Navy during World War II
–          I am the only Eagle Scout to end up in the White House
–          I served in the US House for 24 years
–          I was nominated, but never elected, to the Vice-Presidency and the Presidency
–          I died in 2006 and am buried in Grand Rapids

I am…the 38th President of the United States, Gerald Ford.

Congratulations to Maude from Mount Vernon on correctly guessing this week’s trivia and earning a $5 gift card to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks for listening!

-Joe and Jonathon

Toby Mac and the We Love Music Awards

First up, the We Love Music Awards are tonight! Check them out and get more info here:

One of WNZR’s favorite artists is finally back after a hard season in his life. Check out the latest single from Toby Mac and be sure to watch the music video!’HelpisontheWayMaybeMidnight.asp

Finally a big congratulations to Sherrisa from Howard. She correctly guessed our song for Song Poetry! This week we featured There was Jesus by Zach Williams and Dolly Parton

Thanks for listening
–Todd McKinley

Gift Exchange and Tips for Celebration!

Today we shared some ideas for celebrating Christmas in 2020! You can check out the full list here!:

quarantine christmas ideas

A congratulations to Jonathan and Linda, they were our winners for the Christmas Gift Exchange and the 5$ gift certificate to Everlasting Cup!

Thanks For Listening and Merry Christmas!
-Todd McKinley

Who Knew Wednesday

Today we featured Basics for Better Health. These tips and tricks are helpful for maintaining good health while practicing social distancing. For all COVID-19 related questions, click here:

No Excuse Exercising:
Can’t make it to the gym and don’t have a set of weights? Sorry, but you’re not getting out of that workout routine so easily. You can use stairs for a number of cardiovascular activities. Food cans and textbooks also make for great replacement weights. Finally, don’t forget about simple body weight exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups. Those are considered classics for a reason. You may not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you can definitely stay in shape during this season of social distancing.

Homemade Hand Sanitizer:
Hand Sanitizer is getting harder and harder to come by as this situation develops. While it’s no substitute for the FDA approved store-bought brands, this quick and easy mix will do in a pinch. Make sure your mixing tools are properly sanitized before you begin! You’ll Need:

Isopropyl alcohol
Aloe vera gel
Tea tree oil

Just mix 3 parts isopropyl alcohol to 1 part aloe vera gel. Then, Add a few drops of tea tree oil to give it a pleasant scent.

Quick Fix For Desk Realted Back Pain:
With most work and education transitioning online for the foreseeable future, lower back pain may become a real issue for you. A simple, old home remedy for this is to elevate your feet slightly from the ground. An old phone book should usually do the trick!

Thanks for Listening
Todd McKinley-

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