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Mystery Monday!

What a fun day on the Afternoon Drive!

First, we talked about my surgery and how it as impacted me over these past few weeks.

The Afternoons Drive's - Todays mystery question

Today’s Mystery Question was:

“Name something an alien might report that Earth has a lot of.” 

The top two answers were:

  1. People with 62
  2. Pollution/Trash with 8 
  3. Land/Dirt with 6
  4. Food with 6
  5. Cars with 4
  6. Crime with 4
  7. Water with 4

Congratulations to Mary from Mount Vernon who guessed our top two answers and won that $5 Gift Card from Troyer’s of Apple Valley, which she donated to the Salvation Army.

We also played Sonfest Trivia!

Today’s Question was: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus formed in 2003 in which state? 

Answer: Florida 

Congrats to Mia from Mount Vernon who guessed our trivia question right and won two Sonfest tickets!

Sonfest 2019 in just around the corner! If you would like to know more about this Christian outdoor music festival here on the campus of MVNU, click HERE. 

Here is the Link to the Devotional that I shared today, called “Trust in God’s Timing.”

We also shared some background on the songs “Good Grace” by Hillsong United, “Your Name is Power” by Rend Collective and “Haven’t Seen it Yet” by Danny Gokey. 

Thank you for checking out our blog!

– Hannah and Joe



Danny Gokey and Hillsong Worship (with a bonus from John Cooper)

First up we have a new addition to the Gokey Family! Little Emanuel Daniel Gokey was born August 17th! You can read all about it here!


Meanwhile Hillsong Worship is going global with a new Spanish Album. There’s a lot to unpack here so take a look!


Finally as a bit of a bonus story, in light of some recent controversy in the christian artist community, John Cooper from Skillet shared his thoughts on the situation. You can check that out here.


For Song Poetry we had Francesca Battistelli’s “Strangely Dim”   Congratulations to Katie from Mt. Vernon for guessing correctly! Name that Tune was a stumper we will bring back next week



Thanks For Listing


Who Knew It Was (almost) July 4th!

Today for Who Knew Wednesday we gave you all the ins, outs and who knews about the Fourth of July!


First a brief history lesson courtesy of the History Channel!



After that we had a few tips on firework safety!


Finally a big congratulations to Pam from Fredericktown. She correctly guessed the answer to our Who New Wednesday Trivia Question! The question was: “On what date did the Continental Congress vote in favor of Independence from Britain?” The Answer was July 2nd 1776


Thanks for Listening

Skillet and Hillsong United

Today we talked about Hillsong United’s new/old REMIX album, “People Deluxe.”
You can read all about it here:



Skillet tour

We also touched on some big news for Skillet fans! (not biased at all) They’re heading on tour this September with Alter Bridge! You can find out all you need to know here:


Congratulations to Travis from Mt. Vernon and Lisa from Danville! They were our winners for Song Poetry and Name That Tune Respectively. The featured songs were “Wherever I go” by Dan Bremnes and “Courageous” by Casting Crowns.


Thanks for Listening


Who Knew What Was on Our Bucket List?!

Today we talked about things we want to do before we kick the bucket! We heard from many of our staff here at WNZR.

In case you were wondering about the origin of the phrase “bucket list” you can read all about it here!

For the Who Knew Trivia question we did something a little different. The question came from LAST weeks show when we talked to Shannon from China! The question was “Where is shannon’s home town?” The answer is a city named Qingdao (CHEENG-dow) on the East Coast. Congratulations to Joy from Mt. Vernon  for guessing correctly!

For King And Country Remix and the Return of Mac Powell!


One of our core artists For King and Country just released a remix of their SMASH HIT “God Only Knows.” You can read all about it here!


We are also happy to announce the return of Mac Powell, former lead singer for Third Day! This time the family’s come along to back him up, take a look!


Congratulations to Natolie and Ben. They were our winners for Song Poetry and Name That Tune respectively. The Songs were Third Days “Your Love Is like a River and TobyMacs “Beyond Me.”

Who Knew it Was June?

Today we talked with Carrie Hyman about June First Friday! It’s the first First Friday so there’s a lot of buzz! This year’s theme is Summer Celebration!

WNZR will be there too with one of our signature prize baskets! This one is called the Shape Up, Clean up, Drink Up, Dress Up and Soak Up Prize Basket valued at over 240$! Head to for full details on the prize basket giveaway!

Also a congratulations to Melissa from Mount Vernon for answering our Who Knew Wednesday Trivia Question. She correctly listed two items in our prize basket!

Switchfoot and Sidewalk Prophets

For our artist news we featured Sidewalk Prophets and the second leg of their “These Simple Truths Tour.” Audience members get to take a trip down memory lane through some of the bands most iconic songs. You can read more about it here!


We also talked about the new live EP from Switchfoot! You can find out more information and read a heartwarming message here!!.asp


We almost had a stumper for Song Poetry but Rodney from Gambier called in just in time! He correctly guessed the song was “Live Like That” by the Sidewalk Prophets

Congratulations also to Joyce from Mount Vernon! She correctly guessed Switchfoot’s “Live it Well” as the song for Name That Tune!



I scream, you scream…

Today we got to talk to Joanne Dager and Olivia Toth about the Sertoma Utica Ice Cream Festival! As Vice President of Velvet Ice Cream Joanne Dager has had a long history with the Festival. She went all the way back to the beginning and talked about how Velvet got involved 45 years ago.

Joanne and Olivia both had a lot to say about their experience and passion for the event. If you’d like more information you can find it at

For the trivia question we asked a simple question. How long has the Sertoma Ice Cream festival been going on? 45 years was the answer…Congratulations to Christina from Butler for guessing correctly.

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