Today we launched our Winter Jam 2019 pass giveaways…

Our artist trivia question was: The Newsboys won their first two Dove Awards in 1995.  The first was for Rock Album of the Year for “Going Public.”  The second was Rock Recorded Song of the Year for what song?

The answer? Shine.

We also played Mystery Monday trivia with this ‘Family Feud’-style question, asking you to come up two of the top five answers to this question: Name something you haven’ t done since high school gym class.

The top five answers? 1- Run a mile. 2- Dodgeball. 3- Push-ups. 4- Sit-ups or crunches.
5. Lift weights.

Congratulations to Ruth of Mount Vernon who guessed #1 and #3 and wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe