This week, we wrapped up our devotional called “Hallelujah Here Below” from our friends at Elevation Worship. Today, as we finished, we talked about names. Our names and the name of Jesus.

A name is a powerful thing. Over time our name comes to fully represent everything about us; who we are and where we came from. And it’s the one word that’s uniquely connected to our identity. When someone says our name, we listen.

There’s a lot of meaning in a name, and there’s power in the act of saying a name — especially the name of Jesus. It’s both familiar and sacred. Almighty, yet accessible. Divine and simultaneously human. There’s no other name like it. No name deserving of the praise, adoration, or worship that the name of Jesus deserves.

Today, on the topic of names, we listened to a couple of songs that fit into our theme.
We looked at “In Jesus Name” from Kutless.
This song reminds us that in the name of Jesus, In Jesus’ name our sins are washed away,
In Jesus’ name we are rescued, we are saved. Love has come to make a way for us,
There is freedom for the broken, healing for the hopeless, and that for all of our days, we have a shelter and we can rest in Jesus’ name.

In the Greek, Jesus’ name is best translated as “Savior”, and when we say His name with this meaning His supernatural power shows up. It requires faith to cry out to an invisible God. Every time your lips utter the name, “Jesus,” that’s what you’re doing. You’re saying, in faith, that Jesus has the power to bring you to the other side of your circumstances.

We also listened to the song “Pray” from Sanctus Real today, hitting on the power of just uttering the name of Jesus.
There are days where we need God more than our words can actually say, and to be honest, I’m having one of those days today. In this song it reminds us that God already knows our hearts and our needs. God knows every part of us, so even if it’s just to speak the name of Jesus, we should pray. There is so much power in just uttering the name of Jesus, even when, and especially when we don’t really have any other words for our circumstances.

Whatever your circumstances may be today, remember this:
In Jesus’ name, there is hope.
In Jesus’ name, there is power.
In Jesus’ name, there is Resurrection.
It’s in His name that every need is met and every soul is satisfied.

Our prayer for today is one I’m praying over myself, and I’m praying it over a few of my friends today too. Maybe you need to pray this prayer over yourself today.

“Lord, I come to You speaking Your name today in confidence. Knowing that when I speak your name holds the power to bring me to the other side of my circumstances. I thank you that there is power in even just speaking your name. Your name is almighty and accessible, divine while still being human, and I rest in the fact that there is no other name like Yours. There are no other names deserving of the praise, adoration, or worship that Your name deserves. As I speak Your name today, I do so knowing that there is hope, power, resurrection and satisfaction in it. Bring me to the other side of my circumstances today. Give me strength. Give me rest. Give me hope. Amen.” 

Thanks for listening! We’ll see you in a couple weeks for a new Praise Thursday series!
– Hannah and Lilly