Today on the Afternoon Drive we talked about FOOD! specifcally classic meals with a fall twist!

For the Mystery Monday Question we asked you to name 2 foods almost anyone knows how to make. Here is the list

  1. Eggs – 32
  2.  Hamburger – 15
  3.  Spaghetti/pasta – 14
  4.  Mac and Cheese – 9
  5.  PB&J – 9
  6.  Chicken – 8

Congratulations to Heather from Howard for guessing the top 2! She was today’s mystery question winner.

Then it was on to the MAIN EVENT. Fall twists on everybody’s favorites. There’s ways to spice up these easy dishes, especially for the fall!

Nothing heads us into the fall season like the sweet potato! Here’s your elevated egg recipe!

Make those burgers even better with a spicy apple-bacon compote!

(There are five recipes at this link. The apple-bacon compote one is #1). Pasta is probably the easiest dish to fall-ify. Time to bring BACK THE SWEET POTATOS introducing our favorite fall drink, apple cider. Hunker down and get ready to make some sweet potato gnocchi with apple cider sauce.

Nad  for the grand finaly! we got your mouth watering with this delicious mac and cheese

Thanks again for tunning in to the Afternoon Drive

-Todd McKinley