Today, Malisa, Joe and I gave you a chance to win with our mystery box contest! The way that these contests work are simple. One of us, today it was me, hide an item in the mystery box. We then use as many senses as possible, besides sight, and in this case, we didn’t use the sense of taste either.

We started with the hearing test.

Malisa shook the box and then asked these two questions:

Is this a common household item? Yes!

Where would this item be kept?  The kitchen.

Then we did touch test. Joe asked:

“Does this item have multiple sents? “Yes.’

“Is it used for cleaning?”  ‘Yep!’

After the touch test, we had Dan from Howard guess our Mystery Monday item! It was dish soap! He won the $5 Gift Card from Troyers of Apple Valley.

If you want to know more about WNZR walking the starting point walk, click HERE. 

Thank you for listening to the Afternoon Drive!