Today Todd and I walked about something that is very close to our hearts, and that is missions. Specifically, we shared with you some stories of people Todd and I know that are taking the word of God to places that don’t have a good understanding of our faith.

First, we talked about a man that my family is friends with. He gave up everything to do what God called him to. He moved across seas, meet his wife and they now share the word of God in a place where the word of God isn’t normally shared.

Then we shared with you about the ministry of Todd’s friends and what they are doing where God has called them to be, which is in a place that is very hostile to Christians. Todd shared about how brave these people are. He also shared about how these people have looked at mountains and told them to move and they did.

Todd and I both as asked that you pray for these people, who are being the hands and feet of God, and any other missionaries you may know.

We also gave away some Sonfest tickets with our Sonfest trivia!

Here were our Sonfest 2018 Artist Trivia questions for today!

Question 1: What Bible passage provided the inspiration for the band name ‘I Am They”?

Answer 1: John 17, Prayer for All Believers

If you want to know more about the story behind the name, click HERE. 

Question 2: What state are the members of The Young escape from?

Answer 2: California

If you want to know about The Young escape? Click HERE.

Congratulations to  Vicky from Mount Vernon who guessed correctly and won our family four pack of tickets to Sonfest!

Do you want to see these artists along with Lecrae, Family force 5 and Damca? Click HERE to find out more about Songfest, which is THIS WEEKEND.

We also gave away tickets to the MTVarts production of Annie, which is also this weekend! Congratulation to Dinah from  Mount Vernon who was our caller number 3! If you want to know more about this production or MTVarts, just click HERE. 

Thanks for listening to the Afternoon Drive!

– Hannah