For Artist Newsday Tuesday, we talked about one of our longstanding bands on WNZR, the Newsboys!
They’re embarking on the ‘Newsboys United’ tour, starting on September 2nd. The tour’s tagline is ‘Together again under one roof. All the hits. For one incredible tour.”
The ‘united’ part of this tour is what makes it so fun. The four current members of the Newsboys (Michael Tait, Jody Davis, Duncan Phillips, and Jeff Frankenstein) will be joined by former Newsboys members Phil Joel and Peter Furler.
They’re coming to Indiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and of course, Ohio. They’ll take the stage in Warren, Ohio, on Friday, September 28th.
If you’d like more information about the tour, or if you’d like to purchase tickets, click here!

Of course, our other favorite artists are working hard to release new music!
Friday, September 7th, look for Lauren Daigle’s new album “Look up Child” featuring the songs “You Say” and “Still Rolling Stones” that have already been released!

Also… a month later, on October 8th, be looking for the new album to drop from For King and Country! Their album is called “Burn the Ships” and it features the already popular song, “Joy”.

For Game Time Tuesday, here’s what went down…
We played Song Poetry!
The lyrics today were…

“Give me strength to raise my voice, let me testify
Oh, hear my prayer tonight, ’cause this is do or die”

That’s Joy from For King and Country!
Congratulations to Kari from Mt. Vernon! She guessed correctly!
We also played Name that Tune!
Congrats to our winner, Travis of Mt. Vernon!

The song was “All In’ from Matthew West!

Thanks for listening!
-Lilly and Todd