Today Joe and I played Mystery Box! We only got to technically do two ‘senses’ tests. This is because when we tried the smell test, our item wasn’t as smelly as expected! But we were able to complete both the shake test and the taste test!

Our Mystery Box item today was a disposable dental floss pick!


Congrats to Jennifer from Fredericktown who guessed our item and won a $5 gift card to Troyers of Apple Valley!

Do you want to win 4 Sonfest tickets? Do you like to spend time with your family and friends while having a ton of fun? Well, so do we! That’s why we came up with a NEW contest this year! It’s called “The WNZR Sonfest Sync It Contest”. If you would like to know more,  you can click HERE.

Thanks for listening to the Afternoon Drive!

– Hannah Radke