Lots of fun, games, and inspiration today on the Drive!
We played Song Poetry and Name that Tune, and also gave away tickets to see the MTVArts performance of Addams Family!

The lyrics today for Song Poetry were…
“And as You speak
A hundred billion galaxies are born
In the vapor of Your breath the planets form”

Our winner of Song Poetry was Cheyenne of Mt.Vernon
They correctly guessed that the song was “So Will I (100 Billion X) from Hillsong United!

Our Name that Tune song today was Warrior from Hannah Kerr!
Congrats to our winner William of Mt.Vernon

Also, congrats to our winner of the two tickets to the MTVArts produciton of the Addams Family! Kassandra and Dug of Mt. Vernon

Sharing some inspiration from Lysa Terkurst of Proverbs 31 Ministries today…
Can I whisper a truth to whatever hurt is in your heart tonight? Pushing Jesus away will not give you any of the comfort or relief you are looking for. Oh friend, I know this all too well.
Hope is only found in Him.
Stay with Jesus. Filter your situation through the reality of His love. And whatever you don’t understand, can’t process or feel like you can’t bear one more day … declare His name and speak His hope over those hardships.
Here is a prayer you can pray tonight if all you want to do is run:
“Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that all the power I need is in the name of Your Son, Jesus. I declare His name to be higher than any name I have given this situation. I will not declare hopelessness or fear or anxiety, or anything else threatening to make me run from Jesus. I declare all hope, all courage, all assurance, all power in Jesus. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

We’re also sharing some inspiration from our very own WNZR DJ, Cierra Strawser.
“Hey you, yes, you. Your worth is found in God. It doesn’t come from other people or material things. If you are struggling right now, I encourage you to talk to God. He will give you peace. Don’t believe it when people say, “you’re not good enough,” “you’re not worth it,” & “you can never do that.” They are LIES!
You’re beautiful just the way you are, you ARE good enough, you are WORTH it & you CAN do whatever you set your mind to. God is watching out for you, guiding, and directing you in every step of the way. So, lean on Him and keep your faith.
Citizen Way – When Im With You
“Everything’s not fine, and I’m not okay, but it’s nice to know I can come this way…
When I’m with you I feel the real me finally breaking through. It’s all because of you Jesus.””

Yes, I feel like we need a lot of encouragement today, so we shared a couple more stories…
Read here about Brian Johnston, a teacher at Clear Springs High School in Texas who made PB&J sandwiches earlier this year for his students who didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast before their AP exams!
And read here about Kirsten Koryciak, a Houston police officer who purchased groceries for a man who had a diabetic episode and had his groceries stolen.
“That’s part of also my job, is to care about people and to help people.”

Thanks for listening!
Have a safe and fun Independence day tomorrow!
– Lilly and Todd