Today for Mystery Monday, we brought back the Mystery Box!
Joe Rinehart hid something in the box, and Todd, along with your help, had to determine what was in the box. I, (Lilly), however, did know what was in the box, so Todd was guessing Joe’s object through me!

The first test we did was the hearing test.
Todd shook the box around, getting a feel for the object.
Here’s what we learned…
1. It is not a box inside the box.
2. It’s an object that you eat!
From the smell test, here’s what we learned…
1. It is not any type of meat, but the dish itself can have meat in it.
2. This particular object is not homemade, but thet CAN be.
3. It’s not something you eat for breakfast. But for lunch or dinner.
The taste test gave it away…
1. It is a food that is related to a dish of a specific ethnicity.
2. That ethnicity would be Mexican

Yes, a taco shell was our object of choice today!
Congrats to Josh from Howard who guessed correctly and won!
He’ll be talking home that $5 gift certificate from Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

We’re also very excited to be a part of the Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival in Centerburg, and we’ll be there starting on Wednesday this week!
We’ll be at the festival from Wednesday through Saturday, 6/27 – 6/30! Join WNZR at Memorial Park in downtown Centerburg. Look for Big Blue in the park, near the main stage. Make sure to stop by and register for a prize. We have prize baskets for everyone in the family. You can register at the Heart of Ohio USA Days Festival or online, HERE!

Thanks for listening!
– Lilly and Todd