Today on the Drive we played Song Poetry and Name That Tune!

For Song Poetry, we read off a section of lyrics from a song that we play on the station, then we ask if you can identify the name of the song, and the artist it belongs to!

This weeks lyrics were…

“I’ve been the one
To try and say
I’ll overcome
By my own strength”

Congrats to George from Mt. Vernon!
They guessed correctly and won the $5 Gift Certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!
The song was “You Are I Am” from MercyMe!

Playing Name That Tune, we play a 10 second clip of a song we play on the station.
We ask for the name of the song and the artist it belongs to for this as well!

This week, we had a stumper for Name That Tune!
We shall revisit it next week!!!

Thanks for Listening!
– Lilly, Joe and Todd