Today for Mystery Monday, we looked back on our weekends, and boy, did we have some amazing weekends!

We talked about the first First Friday in Downtown Mt. Vernon! The Big Blue Crew had a blast celebrating the summer season with our community!
We gave away our Clean Up, Dress Up, Drink Up and Shape Up prize basket!
Linda Holt from Mt. Vernon won our prize!
Congratulations to Linda! You can win all summer long with WZNR!
Our next event is on 6/15! Catch us at the Knox County Relay for Life!

I (Lilly) went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland this weekend, and I had a blast. It was an incredible experience to see of the guitars used by some of the most influential musicians in Country and Rock history.
This museum has everything from Metallica to Roy Orbison to the Beatles and everything in between! My personal favorites? Well… I got to see the Kirk Hammett Metallica ESP see-thru guitar, 2 of John Lennon’s Rickenbacker guitars, the guitar Ritchie Valens wrote ‘La Bamba’ on, Geddy Lee’s (Rush) bass among many other things!The three favorite things I got to see, though, were as follows…
1. Jimi Hendrix’s 1970 cream Fender Stratocasterdownload.jpg2. Kurt Cobain’s black Fender Stratocaster
3. Johnny Cash’s tour bus! (You’ll rarely see me happier than I am in this picture).

For our Mystery Monday question, we went into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction vault! Here’s the question… This man is a Rock and Roll hall of Fame member class of 1992, inducted by Lyle Lovett. He was born in Arkansas, and is known for his work in country, rock and roll, folk, and gospel. Who are we talking about?

A man who signed with Sun records, has sung with Elvis, has made the Martin D-28 and the D-35 the guitars of country, and has a museum in his name in Nashville and 19 year old women geeking out in Ohio.
A Highway Man, a third of the Tennessee Three, the Man in Black himself… Johnny Cash.

Congratulations to Travis of Mt. Vernon! He guessed correctly and wins that $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Thanks for listening!
-Lilly and Todd