Here’s a recipie for Spicy Cola Ribs!
Here’s Alton Brown’s Smoked Salmon (Yes. You can barbecue a fish!)
Peach BBQ sauce on ribs? I think YES.
Two southern staples… tea and ribs. Together. Right here.
Here’s how to make Memphis style BBQ sauce!
Tyler Florence understands my idea of Memphis Style. Here’s some pulled pork.
A Hawaiian twist on the pulled pork sandwich

Of course, with any good BBQ, there are sides to go along with the meat.
Here are recipies on how to make some of our favorite southern sides!
Jenna’s pick? Bacon Baked Beans. Here’s the recipie.
Joe’s pick is also Baked Beans. #Thicc Hickory to be exact. Recipie here.
Rachel? Mac & Cheese. Recipie here.
Marcy’s go to? Cheesy Potatoes. Check it here.
Todd? His pick is beer bread. Here’s the recipie.
Lilly? Well.. .coleslaw of course. Here’s how to do it #MemphisStyle and #MangoStyle

We also promised to talk about space today, so we indeed did.
The other thing we promised to do was talk about barbecue IN space.

“The crew’s American menu begins with crackers, brie cheese and sausage. The entrée features grilled chicken, Southwestern corn and baked beans. The meal concludes with the quintessential American dessert—apple pie. “

Space food has come a long way since the early days of the space program. “Currently, there are about 180 different types of food and beverage items available. The food items range from shrimp cocktail to seasoned scrambled eggs.” Read about how space food has come a long way since the early days of the space program.
You can read the whole article on our Astronauts indulging in their southern meal here!

In other space news, there may be a cold war unfolding. In. Space. Yes.

Space is strategically vital. About 1,700 active satellites currently orbit Earth — nearly half sent up by the U.S. — and they’ve become critical to the modern world’s economy and daily activities. The Air Force’s 33 Global Positioning System satellites provide timing signals used by Wall Street traders and cellphone networks, as well as powering navigation-based apps like Google Maps and Uber.

Read the whole article here!

Thanks for listening!
– Lilly, Todd and Joe