Another summer day here in Mt. Vernon and we’re bringing you the latest in Christian music. So roll those windows down and hang out with the Afternoon Drive!

It’s Game Time Tuesday here on the Drive, and we gave you two chances to win with Song Poetry and yes, Spelling Ebb and oh yes, one more, Name that Tune.

Today’s song poetry lyrics were…

Face down in the desert now.
There’s a cage locked around my heart.
I found a way to drop the keys where my failures were.
Now my hands can’t reach that far.

That’s Brother from NeedtoBreathe!
Congratulations to Jeff from Mt. Vernon!

And our Name that Tune song today was…
Francesca Battistelli!
Congratulations to Breonna from Mt. Vernon!

We finished up our Finish Strong tips today! Here’s tips 9 & 10…
9. Stay Motivated
Reward yourself as you study with breaks and snacks!
10. Here are some dont’s…
1. Don’t cram.
2. Don’t pull all-nighters
3. Don’t get distracted
4. Don’t give up.

Thanks for listening!
– Joe, Lilly and Todd