Today we’re exploring the value of thank you’s…and the EXTREME value of the handwritten card or note.

In our digital age, the time and effort of a handwritten note is STILL valued.  Why?

John Coleman’s article in the Harvard Business Review from 2013 still resonates.  Read the full article here. He shares that:

  • Handwritten notes mean more because they cost more, as handwritten notes convey a deeper investment in your gratitude.
  • Handwritten notes have permanence and have nostalgic value!

This 2017 Nancy Olsen article in Forbes also gives 5 great reasons to hand write your card.  She says:

  • Sometimes it seems that manners are teetering on the edge of extinction, so it’s the right thing to do!
  • It sets you apart
  • Gratitude is good for the brain – we are wired to best express ourselves without electronic communication

    We did a handwriting trivia question today!
    “When writing on an unlined sheet of paper, what instrument can you use to ensure a straight edge and lines?”
    The answer? A T-Square!

    Congrats to Jennie from Howard who guessed correctly!

Thanks for listening!
– Joe and Lilly