For Game Time Tuesday today, we played Song Poetry and Name that Tune!
Our Song Poetry lyrics for today were…

“Lay down my burdens, I lay down my past
I run to Jesus no turning back
Thank God Almighty I’ll be free at last in heaven”

Our winner was Jennifer from Howard!
The song was Home from Chris Tomlin!

Our winner for Name that Tune was Amy from Mt. Vernon!
The song we played was ‘The Comeback’ from Danny Gokey!

Our word of the day today was…


noun // BRAWD-syde

1 a : a sizable sheet of paper printed on one side; also : a sheet of paper printed on one or both sides and folded (such as for mailing)

b : something (such as a ballad) printed on a broadside

2 : all the guns on one side of a ship; also : their simultaneous discharge

3 : a volley of abuse or denunciation : a strongly worded attack

4 : a broad or unbroken surface

Thanks for listening!