Mystery Monday

Today Lilly and I played mystery box Monday, where Lilly hid an item in our mystery box and and you had to guess what this item was by using our sense test, we already determined that this item was non-edible, so that meant we had to eliminate the taste test.  Then then the scent test gave it away!

Congrats to Brianna from Mount Vernon who correctly guessed our mystery item, which was a Scentsy buddy! She won a $5 gift card to Troyers of Apple Valley!



We also gave away a pair of Sonfest tickets to Helen from Mount Vernon who correctly guessed our Sonfest trivia question which was “What are the names of the members of Bonray?” The answer was Zac, Jesse, Jake and Morgan Bonner! (Yes, They are siblings!)

We ALSO gave away two tickets to the Loin King Jr. production at MVTarts! Congratulations to Lisa of Mount Vernon who was are first caller!

It was a great show and was happy to spend the time with you!  – Hannah Radke