Persistence is a necessary part of praying effectively. If God answers in 20 minutes or 20 years we should never give up on him. Through scripture God reveals that he wants us to trust him patiently on our knees.
When we walk by faith and show our dependency on him as we come before his throne. In fact he may use delays in our life to reveal our hearts and our level of trust in him. Time we must wait upon the Lord in faith. When King Saul became impatient with God he unwisely took matters into his own hands and paid a heavy price losing God’s blessing in the process. Zechariah waited on the Lord for a child he was shocked and delighted when the angel of the Lord told him he would have a son. Jesus said watch therefore and pray always, and Paul wrote that we should pray without ceasing and to continue earnestly in prayer being vigilant in it..

Scripture teaches this recurring lesson it time and time again so that we could catch the absolute importance of it. We are not meant to pray one time for our needs or desires and then quit or throw the prayer out the window if it’s not immediately answered. His timetable,. But he is clearly pleased when we exercise faith and persistence because it reveals a heart that is ignoring him and dependent on him. So don’t get discouraged in prayer. In the parable of the persistent Widow if an ungodly, will respond to a persistent request, how much more will a loving God respond to the Persistence of his children?

Sometimes you might think the problem is God, but never is it God. It’s always our lack of patience. We are accustomed to immediate responses. A fast-food meal minutes after we order it. Seconds after we text a friend, a response. A family photo posted to the internet the minute after we take it. God is not our bellhop, and does not owe us an immediate response. He can answer immediately if He wants, but He will wait for the perfect time, ant it’s always gloriously better than ours. We don’t know if God’s answer will come immediately, days after, or years after we pray. He’s on the throne and operates from a perfect vantage point. God waits, and sometimes He says “Even before they call, I will answer.”

You must believe that God can answer a prayer quickly, while also acknowledging God’s sovereignty enough to know that he knows what’s best for you and for His glory, and not to lose heart in seeking Him. Psalm 37 tells us to rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him. Psalm 27 says be strong and Let Your Heart Take courage. Psalm 130 says I wait for the Lord. God is very patient and will not delay responding to our prayers even one more day beyond what is right. His timing is perfect. Not just to the year or day, but to the second. To the minute.
Trust him and continue casting your cares upon Him with persistence and patience.

“Lord, we have proven in Your word that what seems like delay is actually evidence of your care and love. So I ask you to help me apply the peace that distinguishes us as children of a good, loving Father. Where my flesh demands immediate action, help me to accept Your answer on Your terms. Strengthen my faith to believe that You can act in a moment, to wait and keep praying.”

Thanks for listening!