Good afternoon! Back at it again here for Mystery Monday, and this week we’re playing mystery box! So I think I put a good stumper in there today!

From the hearing test, we learned that part of it is metallic, and it is not related to music in any way. We also learned that it is lightweight, and you can’t eat it.

From the smell test, or just asking questions, we learned that it is an item you’d find in a kitchen. We also learned that it is an item that you use in food prep.

When Joe got to touch the object, he got it right away.
He said it was a utensil you use to ‘break up blocks of cheese’
which was a cop-out, because CHEESE IS IN THE NAME!!!
Never the less, it was a a cheese slicer, and we want to congratulate Ruthie from Mt. Vernon! She correctly guessed! It was a stumper though.

Word of the Day
nounAustralian Slang.
1. afternoon.

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