One of our uplifting news stories was football related today, because the preseason is just getting started! Check out LaDainian Tomlinson’s acceptance speech, as he was inducted into the Hall of Fame here.

Our song poetry lyrics for today were…
“Everybody talkin’ like they need some proof,
But what more do I need than to feel you.
Bring it back now,
Do do, do do, do do.”

Congratulations to Jennifer from Fredericktown for calling in and correctly guessing!

Our Name that Tune song today was…
Flawless from MercyMe!
Congrats to Greg of Mt. Vernon!

Our word of the day today was ‘immense’
adjective // ih-MENSS
This means marked by greatness especially in size or degree; especially : transcending ordinary means of measurement, or supremely good.

Just how big is something if it is immense? Huge? Colossal? Humongous? Ginormous? Or merely enormous? Immense is often used as a synonym of all of the above and, as such, can simply function as yet another way for English speakers to say “really, really, really big.” Immense is also used, however, in a sense which goes beyond merely really, really, really big to describe something that is so great in size or degree that it transcends ordinary means of measurement. This sense harks back to the original sense of immense for something which is so tremendously big that it has not been or cannot be measured. This sense reflects the word’s roots in the Latin immensus, from in-(“un-“) and mensus, the past participle of metiri (“to measure”).

Thanks for listening, and we hope to see you at our upcoming festivals!