How do you approach God in prayer? Humbly? Or pridefully?
In humility, we more clearly see our need for God’s guidance, grace, and forgiveness. And in humility we honestly admit our sin and willingly cry out to Him while turning away in repentance from anything that displeases Him. Pride, however resists this attitude – too vulnerable, beneath us, a sign of weakness. Pride assumes self sufficiency, and boasts of self righteousness.
We get in to trouble any time we overlook the fact that our lives are a gift from God, and we are undeserving of the mercy, grace and blessings He’s given us.

See Galatians 6:3 and Proverbs 6:16-17

Prideful people see themselves as wise. They’re looking to gain honor believing they likely deserve it. But a prideful attitude hurts and disqualifies us, while a humble attitude is what God blesses and builds up.

See Proverbs 29:23

To sum up, God hates pride and loves humility. It’s that simple. This truth should be branded on our hearts as we seek to walk closely with Him. The only way to properly approach a holy, sovereign, omnipotent God is in total humility and in total confession of sin. We must stay at war with our own pride, resolving to quickly deal with anything that displeases Him so we can stay unhindered in our relationship with Him, and mighty in prayer. Humility is a fundamental attitude of the heart for maintaining intimacy with God and a vibrant prayer life. By repenting of our sins and humbling ourselves daily before Christ, we please the Lord and pray much more frequently and much more powerfully.


Thanks for listening!