Today’s Mystery Monday question revolved around the quirks or personality traits that make or break a dating relationship.

Our question? 31% of singles shared in a recent survey said they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t do THIS. The answer? Eat meat. 31% of daters want a meat-eater! Congratulations to Breeonna from Mount Vernon who wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Here are some other true break-up or “no second date” reasons people shared on online forums:

They smelled like pancakes/Chewed with their mouth open/Bad tooth to gum ratio

Their nose whistled when they breathed/Had the same name as my dad or brothers

Thought people putting windshield wipers up on their cars was a gang ritual – gangs marking their territory

They had an annoying voice/His handwriting was nicer than mine

They didn’t use turn signals when driving/She had Winnie the Pooh bed sheets and towels

Not a gentleman or not a lady/They had no ambition/They were sloppy; messy

Too much video game playing/They were on the rebound from another relationship

They couldn’t swim, so they wouldn’t go into the deep end of the pool with me!

Today’s Word of the Day is fealty (FEE-ul-tee), a noun that means fidelity or faithfulness to a lord; it originated in Old France with the lord and vassal class system.

Thanks for listening!