Just for the record, that means ‘return on investment.’  Can you imagine buying what you thought was a costume jewelry ring at a hospital bazaar for $13, then finding out it was worth $456,000?  That’s what happened to a London woman.  Read the story by clicking here.

We also shared a generous Memorial Day story from CBS News.  Read it here.

Today’s Song Poetry lyrics?
It doesn’t matter who I used to be
It only matters that I’ve been set free
You rescued me, you’re changing me
Jesus, take everything

The answer? Mandisa and ‘Waiting for Tomorrow.’ Congratulations to Karen of Mount Vernon, who wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley!

Our Name That Tune song today was Jeremy Camp’s ‘Take You Back.’ Nicky from Fredericktown was our winner.

Today’s Word of the Day is perambulator (per-AM-byuh-lay-ter), a noun that simply means, a baby carriage.

Thanks for listening!