Today our show focused on a variety of summer health tips from UMR’s Healthy Living June issue…

1- Be bike safe EVEN if it makes you look silly! Click here for a printable bike safety checklist.

2- Exercise can be WITH your kids – keep them active! Find out more in this article/tips from middle school running coach Judy Svendsen here.

3- Vitamin Enjoyment?  What are the benefits? A 2009 study in Psychosomatic Medicine shared that leisure activities and hobbies that you enjoy can give you satisfaction, but your body may also thank you for it.

The more we turn to our active leisure activities, the better chance we have of lowering blood pressure and our body mass index. This makes the case for trying to find the fun factor in physical health.  So find something you enjoy and do it often!  One great idea is just a 15 minute evening walk 3-4 times a week.

4- Nix the nail biting! It can help your health.  Texas A&M researchers found these five reasons why:

  • fingernails have germs – then they get into your mouth…
  • nail biting could lead to painful nail infections called cellulitis
  • nail biting can impact your smile and mouth hygiene – teeth can shift and you could get bad breath from germs on your gums
  • biting your nails increases the chance of hangnails or ingrown nails
  • if you paint your nails, toxins in polish or gel polish can put you at risk of poisoning

Today’s Word of the Day is what you read earlier – cellulitis (cell-you-LIE-tus), which is a noun meaning simply, inflammation of cellular or body tissue.

Thanks for listening!