Reading out of the book, “The Battle Plan for Prayer”, we talked today about the definition of prayer, and what prayer really is.
Check out some of the highlights below!

Prayer, at its heart, is communicating with God. Reverently, openly and sincerely.
We are interacting with the magnificent God of the universe.
We can’t forget that we’re in his presence when we pray

If we just understood what being in the presence of the Almighty is like, our minds wouldn’t wander.  We’d enter into awestruck worship.  Stunned and possibly speechless.

We need to realize that prayer is serious business – and we get that privilege because of Jesus. Jesus opened a new way for us to draw near to God through his death and the tearing of the veil.  It was the atoning blood of Christ that opened that channel (Hebrews 10:20).  His blood shields us from the consuming fire. Only through Christ are we safe with God.

The practical definition of prayer…Prayer is communion with God in order to…

1 – Intimately know, love and worship Him

Relationship and Worship are key to prayer.  We’re trying to know more about who He is and what He does. This helps us grow deeper in our love and respect for Him.  This is the “hallowed be Your name” part of the Lord’s Prayer.


2 – Understand and conform our lives to His will

Prayer doesn’t just change things, it changes us!  He works to align our hearts and minds to His.  This is the “your Kingdom come, your will be done.”



3 – Access and advance His kingdom, power and glory

When we pray, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” we are seeking to access God’s kingdom resources, for His mighty power to work on our behalf and for Him to reveal His glory in our situation. The last words of the Lord’s Prayer are not just for church and ceremony – they are to remind us that God is owner of all, ruler of all, and worthy of all (Romans 11:36). Prayer allows us to join God in what He is doing among the nations for His glory.

Prayer is not about prayer – it is about a PERSON.  God Himself. We get off track when we focus more on provision or protection rather than knowing and pleasing God.

“Help me abandon my own agendas and self assurance, wanting to be nowhere else but aligned with Your will.”

Thanks for listening!