Today we continued our series on prayer, inspired by the book The Battle Plan for Prayer, from Stephen and Alex Kendrick.  Find out more about the book here.

Our focus this afternoon was the PURPOSE of prayer.  Here are some of the notes we shared:

Ultimately, all prayer is for the glory of God (John 14:13). Truly, the best answer He can give to any prayer is whatever answer brings Him the most glory.

What does glory mean?  The Hebrew word for glory, kabad (ka-VAHD) carries the idea of weight and importance, majesty and honor.

The ‘glory of the Lord’ is when God reveals a majestic or important glimpse of who he is. As the Kendrick brothers write, “He is unwrapping a measure of His identity.”  This happens several times in scripture:

  • One who has all authority in heaven and on earth doesn’t need us (Romans 9:20-24), so the mere fact that we’re here is a testimony to His glory.  His awesome glory as CREATOR – the galaxies and stars reveal his attributes as being the work of an awesome creator.  That’s their job!  (Psalm 19:1)
  • In Genesis 22, Abraham is tested when God asks him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  To us as we read the story, we might be thinking, what is God doing?  But as Abraham is ready to sacrifice his son, he hears a rustling in the nearby brush – a ram, taking Isaac’s place.  God here is revealing His glory as our PROVIDER.
  • John 11 tells us the story of Lazarus, and Jesus saying that the man’s illness would be “for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by it.”  And when Jesus revives Lazarus from the dead, he reveals His glory as the resurrection and the life.  This was a defining moment for Jesus.

Every prayer is a chance for us to witness His glory first-hand.  When He answers, He is letting us see what he is like.  Creator, Savior, Lord, Provider, Protector, Friend and Counselor.

…and what should be our response when He does reveal His glory? We worship him and glorify His name forever (Psalm 86:12).

Our second response is to tell others what He has done. Paul said (2 Corinthians 4:15) that the revelation of God’s grace should cause us to give abundant thanks to God, so that others may see and celebrate how God is glorified through His work through His people.

Of all the things prayer is and does, its greatest accomplishment and its greatest joy, is that it allows us, his beloved children, to be part of bringing him glory!

Our Word of the Day is a tribute to the Knox County Chapter of the American Red Cross and their 100th birthday tomorrow!

Centenarian, a noun meaning a person who has reached the age of 100, or pertaining to or having lived 100 years.

Marcy and Lilly called in from Kenyon’s Pierce Hall and the celebration…here are some photos:


Thanks for listening!
– Joe