Come see WNZR R.E.A.L (that’s Rachel, Eddie, and Lilly) perform at the Buchwald Plaza in downtown Mt. Vernon this Friday for June First Friday! We’ll be playing from 6-8, so come out and listen to some of your local DJ’s sing a little šŸ™‚

Our song poetry lyrics today were:
“Your word is
A light unto my feet
Your love is
My identity”
Short one today but it’s a great song!
It was ‘All that Matters’ from Colton Dixon!
Congratulations to Sherrisa of Howard who called in and correctly guessed!

Congratulations to Katie of Mt. Vernon who won our Name That Tune game today as well! The answer to NTT was ‘Forgiven’ from Crowder!

For Uplifting News today, Joe shared a great story!
Read about Bob Charland who is fixing up bikes for kids! Check it out here!

Our word of the day today was: keysmash
Noun || kee-smash
random string of lettersĀ and symbols typed out on aĀ keyboard or touchscreen,used to signal intenseĀ emotion in writtenĀ communication.
So, uh, kinda like this… sfgo-thp[lwe ;.[.’s’
or maybe like this…Ā ake rjy3[okam;
One more? Okay. z478bd8i
Perfect, right? They’re fun too.

Thanks for listening!