Good afternoon! We were in need of some uplifting news today, and we provided that for you today! We also provided $5 gift certificates to Troyer’s of Apple Valley with Game Time Tuesday!

Have you ever wanted to sky dive? I’m going to make the conjecture that you’re not 100 years old now, right? Check out the story of the D-Day Veteran who went skydiving for his 100th birthday! Read the whole story here!

Baseball is a great sport and hitting a home run is a really big deal. Hitting a home run in honor of you mom who lost her battle with ovarian cancer? Even a bigger deal. Check out the whole story here!

We played ‘Song Poetry’ today, and the lyrics were…
“You love me even when I fall apart
I can’t explain it
That’s just who you are
Don’t want perfection
You just want my heart.”
The song was ‘Through Your Eyes’ from Britt Nicole.
Tisha from Fredericktown called in and correctly guessed! Congratulations!

Here’s our word of the day: nudnik
noun || NOOD-nik (the “OO” is as in “good”)
This is a person who is a bore or nuisance.
The suffix -nik came to English through Yiddish (and ultimately from Polish and Ukrainian). It means “one connected with or characterized by being.” You might be familiar with beatnik, peacenik, or neatnik, but what about no-goodnik or allrightnik? The suffix -nik is frequently used in English to create nonce words that are often jocular or slightly derogatory. Some theorize that the popularity of the suffix was enhanced by Russian Sputnik, as well as Al Capp’s frequent use of -nik words in his L’il Abner cartoons. The nud- of the Yiddish borrowing nudnik ultimately comes from the Polish nuda, meaning “boredom.”