Today I started the first week in our series on prayer! This week, I talked about the pattern for prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, and how that prayer contains the six basic elements that we should be including in our prayers.
Check it out below!

1. Pray boldly. We have no need that God can’t meet.
His resources are unlimited and His power is infinite.
2. Pray that God’s name will be revered and esteemed.
Give Him thanks, obey Him, and constantly be aware of His presence.
3. Pray that God’s kingdom will come in us and on Earth.
4. Ask God to meet our daily needs and the needs of those around us.
All that we are, have, and do comes from God.
5. Seek God’s forgiveness every single day.
6. Request that God protect us from temptation.
“Lord keep me from the inclination to sin when I have the opportunity, and the opportunity to sin when I have the inclination.”

Our word of the day today was slacktivism.
It’s a noun that means: actions taken to bring about political or social change but requiring only minimal commitment, effort, or risk. 
Slacktivism is a portmanteau formed from the terms slacker and activism. It is first recorded between 1995 and 2000.

Thanks for listening!
See you tomorrow for the NZ Top 10!
– Lilly