Today we shared some uplifting news, as we love to do on Tuesday, and I really enjoyed the first story we shared this week. Learning how to play an instrument is a life skill, but what if you’re missing your left arm? Isabella Nicola was born without her left arm, but she wanted to play violin. Check out the story of how she got a prosthetic arm here!
Our second story put the medical skills of a woman to use when her date collapsed during dinner! Check out the full story here!

We played two games today; Name that Tune, and Song Poetry!
Our Song Poetry prompt today was as follows…

“These mountains, these giants
Will fall at a single word
In your name in your strength
I’m more than a conqueror”

Congratulations to Chris of Fredericktown who correctly answered!
It was ‘Fearless’ from Jasmine Murray!

Our Name that Tune song today was ‘Live Like You’re Loved’ from Hawk Nelson!
Congratulations to Ri of Bellville who correctly answered!

Our Word of the Day today was superlative.
This is an adjective meaning: of the highest kind, quality, ororder; surpassing all else orothers; supreme; extreme.
Superlative came to English in the 1300s, when Middle English was spoken. This came from Late Latin superlātīvus, equivalent to Latin superlāt(us) meaning“hyperbolical.”

Thanks for listening!