Good afternoon! Thanks for tuning in for the Afternoon Drive!
Today was Mystery Monday, and we saw the return of the Mystery Box! Joe hid, and I had to guess what was in there. Joe was pretty stumped the last time we did the Mystery Box, but Joe did eventually guess what it was. (It was a guitar capo by the way 🙂

Also, this is an item we could do the taste test on, and I was very excited about that!

When we did the hearing test, I learned it wasn’t a very heavy object, and it slid pretty easily, From the questions I asked, I learned that it’s something you’d normally find in a kitchen, and it is not a breakfast item. From the smell test, I learned that my brain is stupid and it won’t identify a smell that I know I know. It’s an item that has chocolate in it, and we learned that it is a standalone item. Normally you’d eat this item on its’ own.
We then found out it was a candy bar, and I think that sealed it for me.
HA! No I didn’t. I thought it was a Crunch Bar, but no! Alas, it was not.
Thanks to Mike of Fredericktown who helped me out!

Our word of the day today was Oleaginous
This is an adjective that means 
having the nature or qualities of oil, containing oil, or producing oil! Oleaginous has always meant “oily, fatty, greasy” to describe plants, fruits,vegetables, fish, and stones. Oleaginous acquired its uncomplimentary sense“smarmy, unctuous” in the 19th century. Oleaginous entered English in the17th century.


Thanks for listening!!!