It’s Wednesday and today, we brought you facts about peanuts and peanut clusters! This month is peanut month, and today, March 8th, is peanut cluster day!

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Here‘s the Hershey recipe for some delicious peanut clusters!
And here is the Betty Crocker recipe!

Just to share a quick few facts about peanuts and peanut clusters, here are our top 3 facts!
1. Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter were both peanut farmers
2. The average peanut farm is about 100 acres
3. Astronaut Alan Shepard brought peanut butter with him to the moon
Peanut Clusters:
1. During World War II the the Emporia Wholesale Coffee Company “shipped approximately 50,000 pounds of chocolate peanut clusters weekly for consumption by those on the fighting front.”
2. Peanut clusters have been around for many years before they were made popular in 1912 by the Goo Goo Cluster.
3. There are several versions of peanut clusters including caramel clusters, butterscotch clusters and chocolate peanut clusters.

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Our word of the day, aptly, was cluster! (noun clus·ter \ˈkləs-tər\)
– Two or more consecutive consonants or vowels in a segment of speech
– A group of buildings and especially houses built close together on a sizable tract in order to preserve open spaces larger than the individual yard for common recreation.
– An aggregation of stars or galaxies that appear close together in the sky and are gravitationally associated.
– A larger than expected number of cases of disease (as leukemia) occurring in a particular locality, group of people, or period of time.
– A number of computers networked together in order to function as a single computing system.

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