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Thanks for the picture!

Cameron and Christa took over for Joe and Co. while they were down in Florida for the National Religious Broadcaster’s convention.

They talked about their pets, their bravest moments, and (of course) GAMES!!

Christa’s bravest moment was graduating from college: it was a culmination of many brave moments and some not so brave moments. Since she is usually really nervous about those “big moments”, it was a brave victory to just relax and enjoy the day!

Cameron’s bravest moment was when he took a trip to Maine, went up to a cliff and hung his feet over the edge with the water below.

Congrats to Scott from Mount Vernon who won tickets to the Lilies of the Field production this weekend, Ashley from Mount Vernon who won Song Poetry, and Gwin from Centerburg for correctly guessing Plumb and Need You Now for Name That Tune!