Today was the first day of spring semester courses at MVNU…but weather-wise, it’s NOT spring! Nevertheless, everyone’s back in the classroom and here’s our lineup for the Afternoon Drive:

Mondays – Joe Rinehart and Eddie Dilts
Tuesdays – Eddie and Hannah Radke
Wednesdays – Joe and Hannah
Thursdays – Joe and Lilly Buckley
Fridays – Joe and Lilly

Mystery Monday’s trivia question today was: Since it’s Apricot Day, what country is the world’s largest producer of dried apricots?  The answer – Turkey, with over 811 tons a year. Congratulations to Ruthie from Mount Vernon, who wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Our first Winter Jam Trivia question was: Colton Dixon was on what season of American Idol?  The answer? The 11th season.  Pam from Fredericktown was our winner!

Word of the Day – crepitate (verb) to make a crackling sound.

Thanks for listening!