Monday’s Mystery Box item was a can of Eddie’s Mountain Dew stash for MVNU finals week! I think he wants it back…

Congratulations to Pat from Mount Vernon who helped Joe guess correctly. She wins the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

We also are doing the WNZR Christmas Gift Exchange all week on the show, so listen for the cue and be caller #9 at 740-397-WNZR.

We will also spend time this week thanking the many folks involved with the 2016 Knox County Food For The hungry drive.

Our Word of the Day was figgy, as in figgy pudding, a traditional British Christmas dessert, that really isn’t full of figs, and really isn’t what we would consider pudding at all!


Notice it looks more like cake – a cake filled usually with raisins, currant and other types of dried fruit. It’s made with a brown sugar, flour and egg base, with some brandy as well.  Plus you are supposed to let it age for 4-5 weeks before eating it. I would just call this fruitcake!

Thanks for listening!