Today was Who Knew Wednesday and we continued talking about Christmas traditions. We talked all about Food For The Hungry, a Mount Vernon Christmas tradition. You can find more info for all Food For The Hungry events here and here.

We also talked about wreaths! Here are some tips we found on picking the perfect wreath this holiday season:

  1. Take into consideration the color scheme the recipient is currently using. If your friend has a green door, you may not want to send them a wreath with a big blue bow. A fresh wreath topped off with a gold bow would be a perfect choice because not only does it complement the green door, but it also brings more of the colors of Christmas to the exterior.
  2. When making your choice, think about the preference of the recipient and not necessarily what appeals to your taste. You may fall in love with the designer look of the Holiday Swags, but perhaps your great aunt would much rather have the traditional circular wreath with a great big red velvet bow. You could choose the Mardi Gras colors or fun geometric designs of an Art Deco wreath for your friend that marches to her own drummer.
  3. At this wonderful time of the season, it’s important not to forget those who share their faith with you. Consider sending clergy people, choir members or special friends from your congregation special Christmas Crosses – wreaths in the shape of a cross. This is sure to bring them great joy.

Our Word of the Day was bamboozle (bam-BOO-zul), a verb meaning to deceive or confuse. You can read more on that here.

Have a great evening!

-Jess & Joe