It’s Election Day 2016!  I voted in person around 3:30 today in Mount Vernon and Eddie voted absentee. Overall, a pretty good experience as I only waited about 45 seconds to access a ballot and vote after checking in. I sure do appreciate our poll workers and volunteers who make the process so smooth. We also shared some of The Morning Thing’s conversation with MVNU Political Science Professor Dr. Terilyn Huntington during the 5pm hour.

Our Game Time Tuesday Song Poetry winner today was Rhonda from Mount Vernon – our lyrics were from Hillary Scott and the Scott Family’s ‘Thy Will.’ We had a stumper on Name That Tune – hint – this band has a different lead singer than the one on this 2008 song – we’ll bring it back next week!

Totally Tasty Tom Turkey Hunt prize registrations today went to Rachael of Fredericktown and Pat from Mount Vernon.

Today’s very appropriate Word of the Day is suffrage, a noun meaning the right to vote in an election, especially a political one.

Thanks for listening!