So, it’s National Taco Day

We thought we’d find some unique taco recipes to share today.  The first is from Cooking Light magazine and is a steak taco with lime mayo.  Find the recipe by clicking here.

Here’s a fish taco recipe Eddie found from Alton Brown of Food Network.

Song Poetry today was Jordan Feliz and ‘Never Too Far Gone.’ Congratulations to Linda from Utica who guessed correctly from these lyrics:

There’s no distance too far, that I can’t reach you…
There’s no place that’s so dark, that I can’t find you…
Anywhere that you are, if you need proof,
Take a look at these scars and know I love you!

Name That Tune today was Zach Williams and ‘Chainbreaker.’ Mariah from Butler was our winner of the $5 gift certificate to Troyer’s of Apple Valley.

Today’s Word of the Day: tortilla (tor-TEE-yuh), a noun meaning a thin, round, unleavened bread prepared from cornmeal or sometimes wheat flour, baked on a flat plate of iron, earthenware, or the like.

Thanks for listening!