Today was Who Knew Wednesday on the Afternoon Drive! Since we’re getting ready for our big 30th anniversary party this weekend (all the details are over here), I decided to talk about WNZR!

Here’s some of the highlights from WNZR’s history I shared:

  • In 1982, MVNC applies to the FCC for an educational, non-commercial broadcast license
  • MVNC received the construction permit from the FCC in January of 1986
  • October 1, 1986 is WNZR’s official birthday as stated in the FCC radio license
  • WNZR became “The Lifeline” in 1995 and held an on-campus contest for someone to design a logo. The current logo originates from the work of an MVNU student
  • Marcy Rinehart became the station manager in 1996

That’s just a little bit of WNZR’s exciting history. Make sure to come to our anniversary celebration to learn more and look through a photo gallery from the past 3 decades at WNZR!

Our Word of the Day was vamoose (vuh-MOOSS), a verb meaning to depart quickly. You can read more on that here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening!