Today was Praise Thursday on the Afternoon Drive.

In the first hour, we focused on the song The Middle Of Your Heart by For King & Country.

You can find the lyric video for the song here.

If you click here, you can find a complete interview with Luke & Joel Smallbone from the band talking about the story behind the song.

In hour 2, we dove into the story behind Passion & Kristian Stanfill’s song My Heart Is Yours. You can find the full video for the song here. We shared Mark 10:26-30, which has some of the inspiration behind the song. You can check out those verses over here.

Our Word of the Day was implacable (im-PLAK-uh-bul), an adjective meaning not capable of being appeased, significantly changed, or mitigated. You can read more on that here.

Have a great Thursday evening!

-Jess & Joe