Today we shared some of Pastor Craig Groeschel’s ’10 Commandments of Using Social Media’ from the book #Struggles. Read more about the book here.

  • Put God first in all you say and post – this doesn’t mean you have to start EVERY post with “this is the day the Lord has made,” but it means you approach each post and each conversation with Colossians 3:17‘s advice to represent Christ in ‘word and deed.’
  • Use social media to facilitate, not replace real relationships – social media can help us reconnect, but make sure you are using it to find face-to-face times where you can have real connection and conversation
  • Turn your virtual other cheek to posts that offend you – this is a tough one…it’s easy to lash out and respond when someone has wounded you. Proverbs 19:11 says our wisdom yields patience and it is to our glory to overlook an offense. Remember, that angry person probably needs our prayer rather than a nasty response.
  • Do not post out of emotion – another tough one. When in doubt, wait it out! We are constantly tempted to post when agitated or hurt, but we should post out of love.
  • Form your own opinions; do not just follow the crowd – God gave us a brain to think for ourselves. He gave us his Word to seek his will. He gave us his Spirit to guide us into truth (John 16:13). Resist the urge to blend in.

Today’s Word of the Day is panoptic, an adjective meaning to show or see the whole view at one time; like a panoramic view.

Congratulations to David of Utica who won our 4-pack of tickets to the Living Word Outdoor Drama.

Thanks for listening!